New York Twin Radio Hosts Compete on CBS’S Amazing Race During Unprecedented COVID Interrupted Season

iHeart’s New York radio hosts and twins Lulu and Lala compete on season 33 of The Amazing Race, returning from a 19 month production shutdown.
iHeart’s New York radio hosts and twins, Lulu and Lala, compete on season 33 of The Amazing Race after a monumental production shutdown in February 2020. Throughout the show, audiences get a glimpse of the unbreakable bond of twin sisters, despite break-downs along the way. During the 19 month halt on filming, their grandmother passed away due to Covid-19, changing the way Lulu and Lala approach the race as they return to the show and compete in Switzerland.

January 19, 2022 – iHeart’s New York radio hosts and twins, Lulu and Lala, return to The Amazing Race Season 33 after a monumental production shutdown in February 2020. Airing every Wednesday night at 9pm ET on CBS, audiences get to witness the shut down of the race, as well as travel post pandemic. One of the last 8 teams standing in the final episode before the production halt, the twins, along with the rest of the cast, were sent back home. During that time, their grandmother unfortunately died from COVID-19 complications, majorly impacting their lives. Now, 19 months later, they’ve arrived in Switzerland, and continue to share their story as they fight to win The Amazing Race.

Upon announcement of the shutdown, the twins were shocked. “I immediately broke down and cried. I wasn’t ready to go home,” says Lulu. “We formed such an amazing bond with the cast and crew and I felt like my sister and I still had a lot to prove to ourselves and the world.” 

The Cuban-Salvadorian sisters are the only twin radio hosts in the nation, making a positive and memorable mark on the broadcasting industry. Being unique, relatable, and fun, Lulu and Lala bring an exciting energy to season 33. Between moments of sibling arguments, mini-meltdowns, and ultimately makeups — viewers get an inside view into the unbreakable bond that twins can have.

Because of the COVID shutdown, this season is vastly different than any before it. Aside from being the longest chronologically, this is also the first time contestants were not allowed to use public transportation, and the first time previously eliminated contestants were brought back to compete due to other teams opting out of the race.

Even with the changes, The Amazing Race continues to be the ultimate competition, putting teams to an extraordinary test.

Tune in to CBS on Wednesday nights to watch Lulu and Lala fight to be the last team standing.

To learn more about Lulu and Lala, follow them on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or on iHeart’s 103.5 KTU Radio show every night at 7pm ET.

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