New Telegram Marketing Startup Launches Crowdfunding Campaign, Iterates Vision to Create a Beautiful Telegram World for Effective Content Marketing

Digital marketing is at its peak, and Davy is seeking to disrupt the industry by providing the first-of-its-kind Telegram Directory targeting a global audience of Telegram users

Engaging a global audience is becoming increasingly challenging, with social media platforms limiting the features for users and charging for reach and impression. More than ever, there is a growing need to reach a large audience but a constraining difficulty. Sadly, traditional marketing and advertising channels are expensive, noisy, and difficult to secure.

On this note, Davy a content marketing enthusiast from Hong Kong, has founded Telegram Directory. The platform is expected to be the world’s largest database of Telegram users allowing individuals, brands, and companies to broadcast to a global audience. With over 500 million active global users, Telegram is positioned as a contender for the best social marketing platform, and Davy is eager to exploit this marketing opportunity.

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According to Davy, Telegram Directory is building a multi-language platform where users can conduct promotions to people without regard for language barriers. Subscribers and users are also provided with tips and helpful strategies to grow their Telegram channels for a more streamlined audience. Telegram Directory offers 100 percent free unlimited cloud storage and utterly ads-free marketing.

Telegram marketing provides increased user engagement, helps brands drive traffic to a website, and provides a more efficient means of communication and interaction through private and public channels. The platform allows marketers and brands to keep their followers and customers informed and provides a 24/7 support system through Telegram chatbots. There are so many benefits derived from Telegram marketing, and Davy is hopeful he can get the world to tap into this untapped resource.

As part of his push for capital funding to support the launch of Telegram Directory, Davy has created a crowdfunding campaign at to seeking individual and corporate investors who are willing to support his vision of creating a Telegram world that would cushion the operations of small and medium-sized businesses, startups, entrepreneurs, and brands.

To be a part of Davy Woo’s vision, send donations to Please visit or watch the directory’s informational video on YouTube for more information.

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