New Skincare Line, Butter, Expected to Dominate in Online Sales

One of Butterโ€™s flagship products, called BARE, is designed to instantly enhance the appearance skin by reducing redness, moisturizing, and tightening the skin. When released, the product will retail for $99.
A new skincare product line called Butter just finished product development and is poised for launch. Experts are expecting the brand to change the way people think about skincare.

The new skincare brand, called Butter, is in the final stages of pre-launch. Experts are expecting the brand to surpass the sales of most indie skincare brands in the marketplace.ย 

Butter is the brainchild of a group entrepreneurs that have operating in the aesthetic medicine and beauty vertical for several years. The creators of the brand saw a gap in the market for organic products that actually do what the labels say.

โ€œThere are lots of organic skincare products in the world, but most are mildly effective at best,โ€ said Marcel Francois-Smith, Operations Manager of Butter. Mr. Francois-Smith continued, โ€œWe set out to create products that when you put them on your skin, you actually see a result right away, not 6 months later.โ€

The brand will launch with only 3 products and will also offer a bundle at a reduced price. The products are:

BARE: An all-in-one treatment for facial redness, acne, discoloration, and wrinkles. It was tested among a group of women who wear little to no makeup, and proved incredibly effective. The product name, BARE, is an ode to people who choose not to wear makeup, but still want a perfect complexion.

GLOW: This product can be used on the face, neck, and even the lips. It improves complexion and increases skin firmness.

PERQ: This product is designed to be used on the thighs, buttocks, arms, neck, and face. It moisturizers the areas but also tightens, which removes the appearance of cellulite. In a double-blind trial, the product was over 18x more effective than other cellulite mitigation solutions.ย 

The brand has a light and fun feel. โ€œOur team wanted the brand to feel accessible, not fancy or out of reach like many other high-tier beauty brands,โ€ said Ivanna Martin, Creative Director at Butter.ย 

The brand is set to launch online May 1, 2022. Products will be availble for purchase on that date. If people want to pre-order, they can send an email to

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