New NFT Project, Coach Koala, Targets Uplifting Mental Health

A limited NFT collection where the tokens support mental health products and services

Coach Koala is a collection of 5,000 mindful NFTs designed to support mental health. The NFTs support mental health products and services, as well guarantee holders VIP access to events in real life and in the Metaverse. The Koalas are currently available for sale on Opensea. The Koala starts at only .04988 ETH and gives holders complete personal and commercial rights of their NFTs. 

The Coach Koala team of social entrepreneurs joined forces to impact mental health for good in an innovative way that brings lasting benefits to collectors and society as a whole. Ownership of the tokens will allow holders to be directly involved in supporting those who are suicidal, depressed, and plagued by anxiety.

Byron, one of the project’s founders, stated, “The Koalas are not only a one-of-a-kind NFT, but they are also a Trojan horse, getting in the hands of likely supporters of our mental health app and “Tranquil” mindful metaverse.” 

As much as Coach Koala was designed to promote mental health, it was also created to support 988. Starting July 16, 2022, 988 will be the official suicide prevention hotline number. This change will make it easy for those facing a mental health crisis to get the proper emergency care. 

Although this is a great step forward, the team proactively created a web and mobile app to connect sufferers with counselors and therapists for a long-term solution. Plans have already been made to market and promote the apps worldwide.

Once all 5000 NFTs are sold the development of the mental health utopia “Tranquil” metaverse is initiated. While Koala holders are waiting to dive into Tranquil, they can participle in several undisclosed mental health benefit events throughout the year. The team has extensive experience in developing HIPPA compliant mobile apps, NFT projects, and supporting mental health events which will ensure the success of the project.

Coach Koala:

Coach Koala is a collection of 5,000 Mental Health NFTs. Coach Koala NFTs grants collectors access to in-person and live stream events, the Tranquil mindful metaverse, and proceeds from the sale support the development of mental health products like the 988 Talk app and more.

988 Talk:

988 Talk is a telemedicine web platform and mobile app that connects those seeking long-term mental health services with providers and mental health support tips. 988 Talk connects directly to the 988 suicide prevention hotline which goes into effect July 16, 2022.

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