New Jersey Model & Actress, Madeline Iveliz Catano Inspires Women to Chase Their Dreams No Matter the Circumstance.

Meet Madeline Iveliz Catano of Elizabeth, New Jersey! Madeline started modeling at the early age of 13 years old. She continued to model throughout her teenage years in beauty pageants within her community as well as in New York City! As she got older Madeline started to feel the pressure of being a model.

Madeline felt she was not able to be herself during her journey of modeling. She received a lot of backlash from the friends she had at the time as well as social pressure from the industry. When Madeline was a teenager model culture was very different than it is today. Madeline explains that she witnessed many models having to starve themselves or take many unconventional methods at maintaining an unhealthy weight. By the time she was 17 years old, she decided to stop completely and focus on maintaining a regular lifestyle.

After High School, Madeline studied Criminal Justice until she realized she truly missed her passion for the arts. She noticed that she strayed away from modeling so she can have her weekends back and she could be with friends just like any high school child wants. However, Madeline knew in her heart, who she was destined to be.

Madeline changed schools and started a program at Empire Beauty School in New York City. She quickly became very inspired by everyone that was involved in the program and she would attend as many events as she could and immersed herself in the industry.

Shortly after her time at Empire Beauty School, Madeline started her modeling journey as an adult and to this day she has a diverse professional portfolio from editorial, street all the way to boudoir. As her confidence and experience have risen, she found her way into the film industry and has elevated her career into acting. She has worked on films such as ‘Men Don’t Cheat’, ‘Papi Store’ Music Video, and is currently filming ‘The Umbrella, An A-Hood Production.

Currently, Madeline is a full-time mother and full-time Armed Guard while pursuing her career in acting and modeling. She is also under Act Agency Nine and her goal is to inspire other models to chase their dreams no matter the circumstance. She understands the pressure of having to always try and be ‘perfect’. Madeline embraces her beauty, age, and worth ethic and wants to remind her audience it is never too late to go after the things you love. She plans to continue on spreading her message in her creative work.

Through her professional career, Madeline built a strong social media following with over 183,000 followers up until a recent hack on her account and now has had to start over with a brand new account and can be followed on Instagram at @Iveliz122357 and can be contacted via email at

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