New Initiative to Raise Awareness on Anti-Asian Crimes and to Promote Protection of Asian Americans

Anti-Asian hate crimes have remained an issue for a long time, and with the recent uptick in the numbers, the launch of AAINCA is nothing short of a timely intervention

Anti-Asian hate crimes and bullying in the United States continue to rise, but they are often not reported or taken seriously. Despite many reports indicating that Asian Americans are at the highest risk for ethnic violence, anti-Asian hate crimes usually go unreported. According to a recent Bureau of Investigation (FBI) report, anti-Asian hate crimes have increased more than 73 percent since 2020.

Further investigations confirmed that the biggest motivation for the increase in anti-Asian hate crimes was the outbreak of COVID-19, as these investigations showed a dramatic upswing during the pandemic. Seeing the plight of Asian Americans and the need to create an advocacy platform, the Asian Americans in California (AAINCA) was launched. It is a national 501(c)(3) non-profit founded by community leaders with the heart, vision, and compassion to help Asian Americans who are bullied or attacked based on unique cultural, religious, and language barriers.

The launch of AAINCA is in the wake of an increased attack on Asians living in America. AAINCA is dedicated to heightening awareness of anti-Asian hate crimes, helping victims report incidents of hate crimes, seeking out justice through civil and criminal penalties, and advocating for Asian Americans who don’t know where to turn to for help.

AAINCA’s goal is to ensure education, outreach, and prevention efforts by bringing justice to all victims of anti-Asian hate crimes. The organization will provide Asian Americans with professional legal advice, humanitarian assistance, advocacy, and consultation. AAINCA seeks to rekindle hope in the lives of Asians who have become victims of hate crimes. To do this, AAINCA will be working alongside local partners in providing trauma counseling, mother and parent groups, and safe spaces and literacy clubs for migrant children to learn, grow and play.

Undoubtedly, AAINCA is positioned to be the saver of the Asian people in America in these desperate times. The initiative calls on partners, individuals, and corporate bodies to support its vision of providing advocacy for Asians. All kinds of support systems are welcomed, from lawyers to legal staff to cash donations to food donations, and so on.

For more information, please visit or call the number (657)549-0366.

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