New Exciting Game Released for Kids Titled “Math It Right 3D Adventure”

Math it Right 3D Adventure is an all new game that has been released for kids. This is primarily a treasure hunt and platformer game that helps children grab different concepts of mathematics like time table and learn the details in the right manner.

Math it Right 3D Adventure is one of the latest game that has been launched on the App Store. Jaunty Bear Games is the new indie game studio that has launched this game. It has been released on the Apple App Store, the play store and even Steam(Circa) next. 

One of the key spokesmen for the company was quoted as saying, “We know how difficult it might be to help kids grasp the mathematical concepts like tables and arithmetics and counting and this is why we are here with a different and unique way to teach the basics to them. We want to offer the best of suggestions and ideas and envelop it in the form of a game to make learning a lot of fun.”

There are a lot of different methods and chapters in the game and the underlying idea is to engage the kid and not even let them exactly know that they are actually learning something. This app is already gaining a lot of prominence and they are recommending it as a great way to educate their kids and help them excel in the different and varied mathematical principles.

One can buy the game and try out some levels themselves to get an idea as to what arithmetic concepts children will learn and the ideas they are going to grab. All those who have used this app so far have been really pleased with how the levels unfold and the kind of tables and arithmetic lessons it has to offer.

Those who would still like to know more details about what this app has to offer and even those parents who want their children to grab concepts like time tables, counting, numbers, and learn the foundation should make it a point to connect with the JauntyBear Games at

About Math it Right 3D Adventure

Math it Right 3D Adventure is an all new game that has just been launched. This game is mainly designed to help children learn the different principles of mathematics like counting and time table and thereby get the right foundation to flourish as well.

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