New DeFi Protocol on Metis, NEMESIS FINANCE, Sells Out Presale Launch in Minutes

Regarded as the first node protocol with integrated transaction fees, NEMESIS FINANCE is the first DeFi protocol on Metis Andromeda and recently sold out all the coins in its pre-ICO

March 15, 2022 – NEMESIS FINANCE is delighted to announce that it has sold out all of its initial coin offerings (ICO) during a presale that was launched on the 10th of March 2022. The company had earmarked 8% of the total supply for the pre-ICO and posits that its ability to sell it all off within five minutes of launching the presale, highlights the public’s immense confidence in its amazing tokenomics. 

Regarded as the first node protocol with integrated transaction fees, NEMESIS FINANCE is also the first DeFi protocol on Metis Andromeda with 100% EVM compatibility, as well as compliance with the layer2 solutions on all of its modules.

While Ethereum stands at around 15 TPS (Transactions Per Second) only, Metis has improved scalability that enables fast transactions at approximately 2000 TPS, with lower fees that make the blockchain a perfect pick for any DeFi project.

By offering an impressive daily ROI of 3%, NEMESIS FINANCE proudly sits as the only community-focused project that offers huge incentives as passive income for a lifetime, to holders who only need 10 $NEM to create a Node and become a part of the ecosystem with a rich liquidity pool.

The NaaS (Node as a Service) project revealed that it has dedicated 70% of the total supply for the rewards distribution pools and only 10% for Tethys Exchange allocation, with 8% already sold out in its pre-ICO. To discourage the selling pressure to support the $NEM token price, NEMESIS FINANCE says it has taken measures to lower the selling pressure after the launch with 25% sell tax on first day sales, 20% on the second day, 15% on the third, and 10% afterwards.

“NEMESIS FINANCE uses the ‘claim tax’ of 10% to 20% tax every time you claim your rewards, depending on the selling pressure. This claim tax also plays a part to lower the selling pressure to help price grow and increase the profits for long-term investors through compounding. The Microtransactions collected play a major role in price stabilization. 5% of the total revenue collected from node creation will be used to mature the liquidity to build a strong price floor and 15% of this will be used in marketing and development. 80% of the fees collected will be shovelled to the community as rewards.”

Although 80,000 $NEM has already been sold, those interested in creating a Node with just 10 $NEM tokens to receive the daily 3% ROI can still get their share of the remainder of the hard-capped total supply of 1,000,000 $NEM tokens by joining the public sale which began on the 11 of March 2022, available on the Metis Andromeda blockchain.

Thanks to its exponentially growing treasury with protocol-owned liquidity and a community-centred ecosystem with decentralized governance, NEMESIS FINANCE offers all its investors the ability to earn rewards effortlessly for a lifetime. Anyone interested in getting in on the action can visit the website below to learn more about this amazing DeFi project.

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