New Dedicated Blockchain Specific for Import/Export & Logistics Tracking Using Smart Contracts

AliXConnect LTD is pleased to announce the release and development of the AliXConnect blockchain network. AliXConnect is a smart blockchain network that is dedicated for the import/export and logistic transactions.Β 

AliCoin (ALICN) is the accompanying cryptocurrency that will facilitate the payment transactions of these smart contracts. AliCoin will run on the dedicated AliXConnect network (Mainnet).Β  Other coins and token will eventually be running on the AlixConnect smart network soon.Β 

AliXConnect is a decentralized open-source blockchain application protocol focused on enabling cross-border import, export, and logistics tracking. Using smart contracts powered on the network’s public ledger, AliXConnect tracks and consolidates critical end-to-end import and export data sets like Bill of Lading (BOL), Certificate of Origin (COO), vessel name and numbers, Clearing agency details, manufacturer and agent / trade agency contracts and agreements, and more.

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AliCoin is used to stake agreements across various stakeholders of the import / export process, which brings security, consolidation, and transparency to the business of transporting goods which benefits both agents and trade companies along with manufacturers and buyers.

AliCoin (Ticker ALICN) is currently trading on the following exchanges and will be listed on other exchanges soon.




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