A utility that will bridge the Metaverse World’s together.

United States – 6th January, 2022 – Groundfloor company, MetaTransit, has found an answer to the nagging problem of accessing multiple metaverses by allowing users to carry their NFTs across platforms. MetaTransit will launch the innovative Utility in 2022, the date to be disclosed. 

When NFTs rolled out, “early adopters” began designing and buying them at a rapid rate; in fact, NFT transactions totaled more than $15Billion (approximately) by the end of 2021; that’s up from $41 million in 2018. Later, when metaverse platforms emerged, people began immersing themselves in them and establishing characters, buying land (sometimes for millions of dollars), and creating entire societies in them. Then a problem emerged when users accessed multiple platforms: they had to buy NFTs in each platform since the tokens did not carry over from one to another. In instances when users were not able to move NFTs from one platform to another and owned costly collectibles, they had quite a problem. 

However, thanks to MetaTransit, that issue is no longer an issue. Whether a user wants to travel between META and Decentraland or portal out to the various realms of Sand, MetaTransit ensures the protection of users’ data on every journey. The worlds converge when someone uses MVTT to trek from their Metaverse property to their local store or their virtual doctor’s visit to the platform’s local NFT store. 

MetaTransit is the first company developing a utility that will be able to bring over the Same NFT’s from multi metaverses without having to buy separate ones for the Metaverse. So to transport or teleport from, for example, Sandbox to Decentraland, without having to buy new NFTs is stellar.

MetaTransit founder stated, “It will convert your wearables and bring them across when you activate the utility to teleport from one verse to another. The teleport will look like a wormhole, and the wormhole will be monetized so that ads from the end destination will stop at the advertisement’s location.”

MetaTransit is a unique ground floor business that possesses a combined 30 years in the IT world. 

The company is looking to disrupt the Metaverse with something innovative that people will use around the clock in countless transactions.

For those unfamiliar with the concept of the Metaverse platforms, Metaverses contain various elements of online gaming, social media, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and digital currencies, such as NFTs, and more. Currently, those virtual commodities may be purchased using metaverse cryptos or native tokens of the Metaverse that users select to shop from or invest in while immersed in the platform. As one can see, someone would be pretty frustrated if their NFTs had to be kept on one platform instead of being able to be moved throughout each one.

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