New Children Book by Madison Moreno Is a Feel-Good Story About Self-Love and Acceptance

Grow to Love Yourself is Madison Moreno’s debut book as a children’s book author, and it is a fusion of the author’s love for art, writing, and life to help children develop a positive self-image

One major psychological problem prevalent today is that people feel less valuable and have low self-worth based on other people’s opinions. Unfortunately, children have become victims of this psychological trend and are made to suffer from heights of low self-esteem, inferiority complex, anxiety, sadness, etc.

To help children fight back the onset of these negative psychological dispositions, Madison Moreno is thrilled to announce the release of her first book as she ventures into writing officially. The book is titled “Grow to Love Yourself”, and it is crafted with a single goal: to present a feel-good story about self-love and acceptance, which should create a consciousness of how valuable a person is regardless of what others think.

“Kids with positive self-esteem feel confident and capable,” explained Madison Moreno on Instagram. “They value themselves and their capabilities. They are proud of the things they can do and want to try their best. Grow to Love Yourself aims to help kids develop positive self-esteem. We have to create the right psychological atmosphere for children if they must be leaders of tomorrow, and that’s part of what my book will do.”

Grow to Love Yourself by Madison Moreno leads the story of a sunflower named Sunny finding it difficult to feel good about herself when surrounded by other flowers in the garden with unique appearances and purposes. Sunny is too busy comparing her appearance and purpose to the other flowers’ to realize she is just as beautiful in her way. It takes hearing how a young girl sees and feels about Sunny for her to grow to love herself and others.

The book makes a beautiful and unique children’s gift that will benefit children in many ways, such as enhancing their reading ability, empowering healing thoughts, learning valuable life skills, and fostering self-esteem and positive affirmation. In writing Grow to Love Yourself, author Madison Moreno has created an exciting and educative addition to children’s stories. The book will give kids the courage to learn valuable life skills such as loving themselves and understanding that they are unique, worthy, and valuable even when they are different from everyone around them.

Moreover, there are many self-esteem books aimed at children and books including racially diverse characters. Grow to Love Yourself has both of these features with a sweet story that includes universally relatable plant references that allow readers to learn about different plants and flowers and their various uses.

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About Madison Moreno

Through her pursuit of a Master’s Degree in Education, with a dream of becoming an elementary school educator, Ms Moreno has transformed her love of life, writing, and art into her first book, Grow to Love Yourself. The book is a standout in the arena of children’s stories. It is easy to read and would help kids overcome feelings of inadequacy and fear while inculcating the confidence to learn things about life and themselves.

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