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New Brand Audit Referral Systems: White-Label, Referral & Exclusive Partnership Options

Since the beginning, we designed Brand Auditor to serve as an industry-standard solution for cost-efficient, customer perception-based evaluation of brand and marketing communications.

Over 40% of our customers are marketing agencies, social media managers, and advertising companies buying audits for their clients. To cater more for our partners, it made perfect sense to upgrade and elaborate our referral partnership system. 

We are excited to introduce our all-new Brand Auditor referral system. Besides a full-fledged referral and affiliate backend, we have reworked our referral partnership options to make cooperation more relevant for our reselling partners.

We offer 3 rewarding ways to work together. White label audits, a referral program, and an exclusive regional partnership program if you meet the criteria.

White-label audits

Over 70% of our partner sales are done this way. If you plan to deliver audits from us with your branding, white-label reselling is an ideal solution. 

As a marketing agency or brand expert, it is very likely that you want to deliver our audits with your logo and branding. We can deliver audits with your logo. You can use the report configuration tool to upload your white-label logo, or simply inform us before placing your order. 

We cannot offer a discount for this partnership, but we will be happy to advise how to get your required insights at the lowest price. You are welcome to resell your white-label audit at a higher price.

Referral partnership

If you are in a position to refer a client to us, you will become eligible for a 15% referral fee after the transaction is done and the report has been accepted by the client.

We have launched an “affiliate area” where you can manage and monitor all your referral activities. The process is very simple. All you have to do is creating an affiliate account where you will get your referral link and can track traffic, sales and earnings. 

The referral window is 30 days. You cannot refer yourself. In case our system detects you trying to purchase an audit using your own referral link then it will automatically withdraw your eligibility for that commission. If you need a discount just contact us, no need for such tricks.

It is understood that in some cases it is not appropriate to share referral links with your prospects. In that case, you are welcome to contact us before referring someone so we will know that the lead came from you.

Our default website contact form offers an option for this. 

Start by signing up to our referral platform: Referral login / registration

Exclusive partnership

If you have the possibility to generate high-volume sales in a certain country or industry then we can discuss an exclusive regional partnership. This option is suitable for high-profile consultants and other individuals with an extensive network – or existing channels to generate regular sales.

To become eligible for an exclusive regional partnership with Brand Auditor, you will need to have 5 successful referral sales. White-label audits are not eligible for an exclusive sales partnership.

You will need to generate 5 or more sales monthly to retain your exclusive status in a particular region, industry or segment.

Start by signing up to our referral platform: Referral login / registration

Don’t hesitate to contact us regarding any partnership ideas

Despite systematizing our referral partnership solutions, we are still very open to new ideas. Doing great business together with our partners is a priority for us, and rewarding our sales partners is just as important.

Your ideas, comments and suggestions are always welcome. Please feel free to contact us any time to learn about Brand Auditor or to explore how we can work together.

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