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New Brand Audit for Social Media Influencers, and New Targeting Option to Choose Specific Regions

Exciting news! We have released a new brand audit for social media influencers, that they can use to check what people think about their appearance, style, fashion and more.

The past months were quite exciting here at Brand Auditor. The business has been going better than expected, and we have taken strategic steps to establish ourselves on the market by expanding our referral and reseller network. We have also launched a new audit for social media influencers and added new features to our report config tool.

Brand Auditor just turned one year old

We are happy that our market research-based brand evaluation system that we prototyped a year ago has become the go-to brand audit tool for SME-s around the world. Today, reputable marketing consultants recommend Brand Auditor, and various media outlets wrote about our system. But most importantly our customers are very satisfied with our audits. 

Back in the beginning, the concept of Brand Auditor was based on a much more simplistic idea – one that was built to rate various aspects of social media pages. It was called “Rate My Pages”. You might still be able to find some references online. 

As you see, the concept became much more versatile and elaborate since then. Today, Brand Auditor can be used to measure brand awareness, as well as to get crowdsourced consumer feedback of over 60 aspects of brand and marketing communications. In addition, we created a whole new self-service audit configuration tool, so people can configure audits to get the information they truly need. 

Someone called Brand Auditor the “McDonald’s of market research”, as our system brings professional-level market research to an affordable price point, making it available for startups and SMEs regardless of their budget.

Introducing the Social Media Influencer Audit

As mentioned a minute ago, the original idea of Brand Auditor was to let people give feedback on social media pages. We already had an audit aimed at brand and corporate social media pages, as well as a personal brand audit for professionals, but we started to get requests from artists, musicians, influencers, and public figures.

So in September 2021, we have launched a brand audit specifically for social media influencers, called the Social Media Influencer Audit.

We are well aware of the available social media measurement tools, such as Hype Auditor and similar software services – that’s why we designed our social media profile audit to give insights one cannot get elsewhere.

This audit lets you collect tens of thousands of feedback regarding your:

  • Physical qualities 
  • Style & fashion 
  • Personality 
  • Content qualities 
  • Artistic qualities

During the audit configuration, you can define your target audience, target age group and gender, your profile type, and industry – making sure that the responses and ratings you will receive are relevant. Audit prices are starting from $75 for basic configurations, but large audits will cost more based on the number of feedback you want to get.

New targeting feature: choose specific market research regions

Since the launch of Brand Auditor, we have been receiving requests to offer a more specific and precise geographical targeting system for our market research campaigns.

Most people wanted to drill down to city-level, or even Zip codes. This is okay, however estimating the number of valid market research responses is nearly impossible. 

Let’s say a company would like to survey 18-24-year-old sports fans in a small town with a population of 100,000. This sounds like a valid criterion, but estimating the true available respondents who will actually respond to the survey is statistically challenging. We might be talking about 4000-5000 people. 

Such estimates make more sense in regions with high populations, such as Asia, Middle East, and other urbanized locations.

We are working on creating a dynamic demographical database of regions we frequently audit, so our audit configuration tool will be able to offer reliable estimations in real-time.

As a temporary solution, we made it optional to specify your target location. Please use this feature considerately, and do not try to configure audits that seem statistically impossible. Let’s say do not order and an audit of 20,000 respondents surveying a town with 25,000 inhabitants. That will not work.

As usual, we are always happy to manually check and confirm if your market research configuration is feasible – so before ordering an audit please feel free to contact us.

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