New Book “Fight of My Life” by Austin Lee and Kimberly Parsons Is Released, a Memoir of Paranormal Experiences, Tragedy, and Fighting for Their Family’s Peace Among Spirits That Won’t Leave Them Alone


“Fight of My Life” by Austin Lee and Kimberly Parsons has been released worldwide. This 255-page memoir, co-written by a mother and son duo, delves into the harrowing, supernatural experiences they faced for over a decade, as well as the resulting fear, struggles, and tragedy the family had to contend with. The powerful story is now an Amazon bestseller, ranking #3 in the Ghosts and Haunted Houses category, #4 in Spiritualism, and #15 in the Occult Supernatural category.

With chapters from both Kimberly’s and Austin’s perspectives, readers are immediately drawn into to the dynamics of the family, experiencing the strange occurrences right alongside the increasingly troubled household. As they investigate, and learn to tolerate the frequent paranormal events, things continue to get worse. As years go by and shocking evidence mounts, the family learns that their battle with a demonic presence is just beginning.

The book is an inspiring, deeply personal story of a family’s perseverance in face of abuse, addiction, and the terrifying paranormal activity that they can’t seem to escape. This thriller has something for all kinds of readers, even those skeptical of the paranormal, and is ultimately the story of family bravery and overcoming hardships.

Fight of My Life (ISBN: 9798986320144 / 9798986320151) can be purchased through retailers worldwide, including Barnes and Noble and Amazon. The paperback retails for $19.95, and the hardcover retails for $28.95. Wholesale orders are available through Ingram. 

From the back cover:

Strange noises. Objects moving. Faint voices. Heavy air. The undeniable feeling of a presence in the room.

Kimberly Parsons and Austin Lee have spent their lives dealing with paranormal encounters, but that doesn’t mean everything else in their lives was quiet and gentle. See how their struggles with raising a family and growing up intertwine with undeniable contact with the other side in their true accounts from the heartland in Indiana.

Mother and son team up to give a raw, gripping account of their heartbreak, tragedies, setbacks, and the love they have for each other as they fight for safety, security, and contentment in their lives. But the last thing the spirits they coexist with want is to leave them in peace.

As incredible as their story is, they know it’s far from over. They’re drawn to the paranormal, just as the paranormal is relentlessly drawn to them.

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