New Book by Terrell Foxworth Is an Inspirational Book Identifying the Turning Point to the Path to Success

People do not stumble on the path to success by chance as it requires deliberate decision making and action taking which Terrell’s new book, Chasing Flames, tries to highlight

Life happens to everyone, and nobody decides the family they are born into, what happens to them while growing up or the side of life they encounter. Many people are victims of painful experiences and difficult life situations which corrupt their mindset and alter the course of their lives. Regardless of what side of life a person has encountered, Terrell Foxworth believes everyone can be successful with a reordering of perspectives and a change in pursuit.

On this note, the California-based author has released his book, Chasing Flames, which is a book on his life experiences and the things he had to face as a young person growing up in South Central. Terrell was exposed to society’s ills, from gangs to drugs to violence. Although life dealt with Terrell a great deal, he was determined to shake off the limitation of his background and become successful. Terrell set himself up for success through sheer determination and discipline, and Chasing Flames presents his journey from obscurity to relevance.

“You do not choose the life that you are handed, whether good or bad,” asserted Terrell Foxworth on the motivation behind Chasing Flames. “However, we have the opportunity to change our paths to enjoy positivity. When all you know is a life of hardship and hustle, your instincts will always be in survival mode. It leaves you making choices that may not always be the best. At this point, we can easily get stuck in an endless cycle, going nowhere. Using my experiences in life and exposure to more positive surroundings and individuals, I have gained the ability to ultimately change my path, life, and future.”

Chasing Flames is a must-read as it promises to be the gamechanger for people who have had to face the worst scenarios that life has to offer. Terrell uses his life to indicate that a person’s background has nothing on them if they decide to change their path and take steps towards success. The book is now available on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback versions.

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Terrell was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. His formative years were very rough as he got exposed to societal ills at a tender age. While life dealt with Terrell a great deal, he realized there was so much he could do, and his background was only a limiting lie. Terrell recounts how he reordered his perspectives and set himself up for success in his book, Chasing Flames.

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