New Book by Faith Zingoni Reveals How to Remove Hard Inquiries on a Credit File and Improve Credit Score in 45 Days

Two-time best-selling author Faith Zingoni has released a new book titled ‘Credit my Success’ which is a masterpiece revealing how to remove hard inquiries on a credit file and recover from its impact on one’s credit score

Inquiries on a credit report are typical from companies, banks, or other financial institutions that review an applicant’s credit report as part of the loan process. Such reviews are recorded as hard inquiries on a person’s credit report, and they usually impact one’s credit score. Sadly, many people do not understand what hard inquiries are about and their impact on credit scores. In her new book, two-time best-selling author Faith Zingoni has highlighted what hard inquiries are about and how Americans can overcome their impact on their credit scores.

“It is important to understand how to remove hard inquiries from a credit file,” asserted Faith Zingoni, Managing partner at The Zingoni Group. “Having too many hard inquires will automatically get you denied for funding. That includes but not limited to car loans, credit cards, personal loans, employment etc. it takes two years for hard inquires to fall off your credit file but with our secret weapon, we are able to get those hard inquires removed within 45 days,” she added.

The book ‘Credit my Success’ is a credit blueprint in every sense of the word, and Faith Zingoni has offered insights into the best-kept secrets in the financial market. Usually, removing hard inquiries from a credit report involves writing tons of dispute letters to credit bureaus. The process is often time-consuming and may not deliver the best results. With Credit my Success by Faith Zingoni, readers will discover the best strategies and techniques to remove hard inquiries from their credit file within 45 days.

Faith Zingoni guarantees that readers will not have to visit offices to remove hard inquiries by following through on the secrets enshrined in Credit my Success. By adopting Faith’s strategies, a person’s credit score will increase 30 to 100+ points off each removed inquiry.

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About Faith Zingoni

Faith Zingoni is a managing partner at The Zingoni Group, where she helps entrepreneurs earn more money and become financially literate. She focuses on pushing credit services, business formation services, and investments to help entrepreneurs succeed in the digital age. Faith is a bestselling author of two published books, and The 7 Secret Keys to Transform Your Life and Level Up is free for download on Amazon.

Connect with Faith Zingoni on Instagram via @faithforwardtv and the Zingoni Group via @thezingonigroup.

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