NEURONswap Reveals Rony Club’s Mid to Long-Term Vision

NEURONswap aims to launch the beta version of their highly anticipated NFT marketplace called Rony Club later this month.

NEURONswap unveiled Rony Club’s mid to long-term vision on the 25th of March, before the launch of Rony Club Beta following the opening of the governance token staking function.

Rony Club’s vision deviates from the existing NFT market’s top-down method and focuses on the innovation and popularization of NFT by taking the bottom-up approach in which teams and users collaborate.

Recently, professional creators such as illustrators and graphic artists as well as the general public are increasingly interested in NFT. Contrary to growing interest, NFT production currently requires knowledge of smart contracts and smart contract developers, so there is a big barrier for ordinary users to produce NFTs. Therefore, existing NFT projects are operated in a top-down manner in which the project team produces NFTs and users can only purchase them.

To solve this problem, Rony Club will open a service that enables users to collaborate with projects and allows all users to use their creative imagination to produce NFT.

At Rony Club, users can freely produce parts NFT and synthetic NFT that they want. Since all users have full rights to the NFT produced, they are free to create creative NFTs. Community decisions aim for a bottom-up method that creates value.

The Rony Club service will also provide users Create It Yourself (CIY) tool that allows users to freely create NFT content. The CIY tool is a tool that allows users to freely create their own unique PFP works by arranging image sources uploaded directly by users based on algorithms. Rony Club’s goal is to allow users to create and trade parts NFT and synthetic NFT by uploading image files they want to use as PFP (Profile Picture).

In the future, users can generate profits directly as NFT creators by utilizing CIY tools provided by Rony Club. The copyright of all NFTs belongs to the creator, and when the created NFT is traded on the Rony Club NFT Market, creator royalties will be paid. NFT, created through CIY tools, is free to trade in conjunction with marketplaces such as Rony Club NFT marketplace and OpenSea.

A NEURONswap official said the development will be carried out as follows.

In the first step, when users synthesize NFT selected by the team, it is displayed in the Hall of Fame and recorded in the history of the Rony Club. When the selected NFT is synthesized and the collection look is completed, NR token mining authority may be granted.

Secondly, the platform will launch a Rony house party where participants can participate as their avatars are created by combining various parts NFTs issued for each round. Participants register their own NFTs and rank them through users’ votes. Users selected in the vote will be provided with participation benefits.

And lastly, Rony Club plans to launch a Create It Yourself (CIY) tool that allows users to easily create NFT content. The final goal is to create a tool that allows users to upload image files, issue parts NFTs, and synthesize parts NFTs to finally issue one composite NFT.

NEURONswap is preparing to launch the Rony Club NFT market. Rony Club NFT Market basically uses Klay for transaction fees, but if users trade with NR tokens, they can trade at a lower fee. Fees incurred in the Rony Club NFT market are used for NR token incineration and gNR holder compensation distribution.

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