In the Saudi Arabian metropolis of “Neom” in 2030, the body genuinely lives in a virtual environment, a city without a physical government or bank, robot servants, and an artificial moon, all of which were previously only heard in science fiction.

Saudi Arabia, a well-known oil-rich country, has committed $500 billion in a future metropolis at the crossroads of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Egypt, according to current Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. The “Neom” metropolis is barely 26,500 square kilometers in size, less than half the size of Hainan Island, yet it might be the first stop in reshaping the globe after the Industrial Revolution.

Everyone is aware that the Metaverse and blockchain technologies are evolving and altering the world. The most significant distinction between Neom City and other modern cities is that all of the city’s energy is transformed into natural gas utilizing rubbish generated by residents. For electricity generation, “renewable energy” is used.

There will be no more pollution or noise, and all kinds of transportation will be replaced by green energy public transit. Artificial intelligence robots serve citizens automatically in stores, cafés, and gyms around the city. The city’s big data technology will record every cup of coffee and service citizens get on the blockchain. The air quality and water quality of the entire city will be adjusted based on the data collected by big data.

As a game with a comprehensive meta-universe structure, Genkyo will provide a substantial quantity of bitcoin airdrop materials to new players as soon as they join, as a beginning resource and an incentive to participate. After all, a large enough number of participants is necessary to accurately mimic Neom’s “new human existence” in 2030. SAFS LLC, which will directly provide Neom urban mines in the future, will also supply all cryptocurrencies utilized in the game. SeaPeach will sell and list all of the game’s artwork on the site.


One of the investors in GENKYO game project, Vinness A Ollervies, the Manchu imperial family, had previously expressed “unimaginable” to the crown prince’s plan. However, with the development of the game, GENKYO takes all the lifestyles that will be realized in the 2030 Neom city, such as: buying real estate, art, and experiencing the big data city in 2030 Neom cities. The game allows players to experience regardless of country. Life in the future city. After Yi Qiwei gradually matured in the game development stage, his confidence in the Neom project was greatly improved. He believes that this game will be a “model house” that will change human life.

Sea Peach, which has also shown works by artists such as Andy Warhol and Takashi Murakami, has extended the scope and level of Genkyo Games through a cooperation with the European Art League (EAB), the Rockefeller Foundation, and the RGB Art Museum. The actual world is once again within reach. Not to mention the fact that the mining facility that would in the future directly provide the whole city’s mineral resources will be employed as a “one-game” mining plant.

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