Nebula 41 Launches AI Powered Art Engine Allowing Anyone to Become an Artist

The platform allows user to mint their created work on the Ethereum blockchain as an unchangeable and tamper-proof NFT

LONDON, UK – 31 March, 2022 – Nebula 41, the free and open platform for artificial intelligence powered art creation, has today announced the launch of its art engine, allowing users to create their own unique artwork by simply inputting keywords into the generator. Users then have the option of minting their created artwork on the Ethereum blockchain to tokenize the created artwork into an unchangeable and tamper-proof non-fungible token (NFT).

Lockdown presented the opportunity for many to pursue new passions, research from Yamaha revealed that 75% of Brits turned to musical instruments to help them cope with lockdown, and research from showed that searches for amateur photography and painting related topics increased by 21% and 19% respectively between March 2019 and March 2022. Despite this push to reclaim free-time and the British public’s renewed endeavour to express themselves creatively, many are still intimidated by the prospect of creating their own artwork. As a foundational part of the human experience, art shouldn’t be beyond the reach of anybody. This is why Nebula 41 created its powerful AI-assisted art creation engine, to allow people to express themselves and create art regardless of their skill level.


With the Nebula 41 art creation platform users have the ability to create works with three different levels of complexity. They can either simply enter keywords and let the AI interpret them, they can specify modifiers such as; style, theme, medium and colour palette, or for those with more experience with the platform they can use code to specifically instruct the AI on how to interpret their keywords.

The platform operates using VQGAN+CLIP and CLIP guided diffusion methods. By combining VQGAN, a generative adversarial neural network that is intended to generate images which look similar to others, with CLIP, a neural network that can determine how well a prompt matches an image, users have masterpieces waiting at the tip of their fingers. Future plans for the platform include the adoption of new diffusion methods as they are developed and trained.

Speaking on the launch, Stephen Hnilica, Senior Advisor at Nebula 41 said, “Here at Nebula 41 we believe that creativity is fundamental to the human experience and as such, should be accessible to everyone. When people think of art, they can all too often get caught up in thinking that to create something meaningful you have to have studied the great masters for years at an art school. Our AI powered engine is here to tell people that that’s not the case.

“By utilising the power of artificial intelligence, users of our platform can create works in seconds which would normally only be possible with years of study and experience into art techniques. Art and technology are not mutually exclusive, with our platform we hope to put the art into artificial intelligence.”

Nebula 41’s art generation platform is now available for use here.

About Nebula 41

Nebula 41 is a free and open platform for AI powered art creation. The website allows users to create artworks based on simply inputting text into the platform. Users can then mint their artworks on the Ethereum blockchain.

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