NearPAD Backs Up Blockchain Game

NearPAD backs up blockchain game, with plans to create income for players looks set to chart a new course across two major industries – the global gaming market and the blockchain market, with its features and functionality standing it out from other products. The blockchain based game is expected to have its own cryptocurrency to be used to transact in the game. The turn-based game is also designed to enable players to earn NFTs by playing and staking, with the launch scheduled for Q2, 2022.

The global gaming has literally exploded over the years, growing to become a multi-billion-dollar market driven by increasing demand for more immersive experience from different stakeholders. Technological advancements have further enhanced this experience for players, with the emergence and increasing popularity of NFT games as well as other blockchain-based products and PtE platforms further substantiating this claim. Unfortunately, many of the available platforms do not effectively address the concerns of players, especially in the aspect of user-friendliness and comprehensiveness. However, is looking to change this narrative, with the gaming ecosystem combining fantastic gameplay with a chance to win and increase players’ crypto portfolios.

Described as a new generation gaming solution, the turn-based strategy MMORPG takes gamers on an amazing, adventurous ride as they combat and face battles to come out victorious. Players battle to dominate clans and own them to stand a chance of earning.

PathofSurvival.ioΒ enables players to make money by collecting fees as clan owners from every transaction that is made by their clan. The DAO-governed adventure game have players fighting to survive and vanquish the evil plaguing the world. Players are also allowed to lend, trade, rent, farm and build their own unique character and playstyle from the acquired items, characters, and lands in the game.

In line with the goal of enabling as many people as possible across the globe to be a part of the revolutionary projects, developers of Path of Survival will be doing giveaways to the first registrants, with the chance of receiving different types of rewards, ranging from items to crypto and NFTs. Players also have the opportunity to bet crypto before fighting in a winner takes all type of mode, where they enter into 1v1 battles with another opponent.

For further information about Path of Survival, visit – Path Of Survival can also be found across social media, including Twitter and Medium.

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