Nearly Half of Physicians Are Experiencing Burnout. but There’s a New Path Forward.

Vanessa Y. Calderón, MD MPP Life and Executive Coach for Leaders
Dr. Vanessa Calderón has developed an innovative coaching program to reverse this trend that has been decades in the making

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Nearly half of physicians today are experiencing burnout, with burnout rates increasing through the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a report shared by the National Institutes of Health, this has consequences for the physician’s health, patient outcomes, and the healthcare system overall. Healthcare systems have been spending millions of dollars to address this problem, but issues of burnout have been getting worse every year. Dr. Vanessa Calderón, M.D., M.P.P., C.P.C., has personally experienced this as a physician and has now dedicated her career to reversing these trends. After years of development, she is now providing an innovative and evidence-based coaching program to help leaders reduce stress and burnout and reconnect with their joy in medicine.

Dr. Vanessa Calderón found herself stressed and burned out only seven years ago. Dr. Calderón is a Harvard graduate, board certified physician and a mother of two. A number of life events had occurred in quick succession—including circumstances in her personal life and a short-staffed season at the hospital that caused her to return from maternity leave early and work nearly 50% more clinical hours. Together, these events began to increase stress and signaled signs of burnout.

Dr. Calderón knew that if she did not make significant life changes, she was at risk of becoming another statistic of a physician leaving the profession. She embarked on an intensive study of wellness and stress management, analyzing decades of research on the causes of burnout and successful models of physician support. Months later, having finally reached the other side, Dr. Calderón vowed not only to prioritize her own wellbeing but also to help others who found themselves in similar circumstances. She was certified as a Compassion Fatigue Educator by the Green Cross Academy of Traumatology, received specialty training in neuroplasticity, and became a certified professional coach through the Life Coach School.

Today, Dr. Calderón trains physicians both 1:1 and in group coaching. The program has a proprietary 4 step framework that uses the science of neuroplasticity, cognitive behavioral psychology, and compassion fatigue. The program helps physicians remodel their brain to create more happiness, practical optimism, and resilience. Physicians who have gone through her program have evidence of lower stress at work, more self compassion, and increased meaning in their lives.   

Today, Dr. Calderón’s mission is to demonstrate to all physicians—and women, in particular—that they can live full lives that are true to their values without the constant burden of feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and burned out. In doing so, Dr. Calderón is  developing the next generation of physicians who are able to find meaning, joy, and connection rather than burnout and stress in their work and lives. To learn more about Dr. Vanessa Calderón, M.D., M.P.P., C.P.C. and the Vanessa Calderón MD Coaching programs, visit her website, or subscribe and listen to her podcast, Coaching for Latina Leaders. Physicians can click here to join the group coaching waitlist, or click here to book a 45-minute coaching consultation.

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