National Puzzle Day Celebration on January 29 Highlights Fun Puzzles to Play

National Puzzle Day Founder Jodi Jill has celebrated puzzles with the world for over 20 years on her special day, January 29. Join the puzzle fun by playing your favorite puzzles.
National Puzzle Day is on January 29.

It’s the one day of the year where people come together to celebrate and honor puzzles around the world. In 2022, the puzzle fans are ready to play puzzles once again!

National Puzzle Day is on January 29!

Are you highlighting the puzzle craze? National Puzzle Day is on January 29, and puzzle lovers are ready to celebrate and honor puzzles all around the world! Even the founder of National Puzzle Day, Jodi Jill can hardly wait for the fun to start.

Every puzzle to play is welcome on National Puzzle Day! This year you might have heard the latest puzzle trend is Wordle, but don’t think that jigsaw puzzles, crossword puzzles, escape rooms and other puzzles are taking a backseat! The tone has been set to celebrate all puzzles on January 29 and a quick look at the hashtags of this holiday on social media will have you surprised at the interest as people come together to play and talk puzzles! (#nationalpuzzleday, #puzzleday).

Wonder how a day celebrated on social media is started? Well, National Puzzle Day was created over 20 years by Jodi Jill, a puzzle lover herself. After finding a delight in making puzzles for others to solve, she recognized how cool it would be celebrating the one thing she loved on her special day. That’s right, instead of getting gifts for her birthday, she shares her love of puzzles by sharing with others.

National Puzzle Day originally started inviting classrooms to solve puzzles Jill made. Kids were encouraged to send a self-addressed stamped envelope to get a free puzzle mailed to them directly on one special day: January 29. The free puzzle celebration was moved online so people around the world could participate. In 2021, the celebration of continues as Jill again offers free puzzles for the asking on her puzzle site Puzzles to Play (, but this year there are dozens of puzzle manufacturers and puzzle enthusiasts offering freebies for the puzzle day too!

“I love puzzles. I enjoy making puzzles for others to play. Celebrating puzzles was just an idea I had and it started so small with students writing in for free puzzles on January 29th,” said Jodi Jill founder of National Puzzle Day. “Today, thanks to the web, it’s all over the world and last year it was a record number with several million people sharing in the puzzle fun. I’m so humbled to see the response.”

A professional puzzle maker, Jill is delighted to see millions of people play puzzles with her on this day. Spending countless hours for months before the holiday, she takes time to encourage classes, libraries, educators, and others to celebrate puzzles. Including a free download for the puzzle fun for everyone that includes many different types of puzzles!

Are you highlighting the puzzle craze? People love puzzles! Libraries, educators and people around the world take a minute to share in the awe of puzzle fun! You can get your hands on some of these awesome games by clicking here! It’s never too late to start celebrating with us! There are so many puzzles that are perfect for any age group or skill level. This holiday is an opportunity for everyone to have some fun.

Official National Puzzle Day information can be found on Puzzles to Play along with free puzzles people can play on this fun day!

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