National Accreditation Center (NAC) Recognizes International Vegan Standard (ISO 23662) by Institute of Global Sustainability Certification (IGSC)

ISO 23662 provides food definitions and technical standards suitable for vegetarian and vegan for food and beverage companies to implement to market their products.

IGSC (Institute of Global Sustainability Certification) has been officially recognized by the National Accreditation Center (NAC), a U.S. recognition agency, for the International Vegan Standard (ISO 23662).

As the COVID-19 pandemic shook the world, consumers became more aware of their own and environmental health, resulting in reduced meat consumption and increased sustainable purchases.

In recent years, companies have met this demand by offering alternatives to meat and dairy products such as vegan cheese and ice cream and meatless meatballs, but consumers have questioned whether they are truly vegan in the manufacturing and distribution process.

In some countries, various certification systems and regulations have been established to provide consumers with information on vegan, but there are no international standards that everyone adheres to.

Thus, ISO 23662 was developed by ISO/TC34, a technical committee of the International Organization for Standardization, and provides food definitions and technical standards suitable for vegetarian and vegan. Particularly, ISO 23662 offers internationally recognized and trusted standards that vegan food and beverage companies could implement to market their products.

β€œConsumers expect the vegan products they buy or choose to be clear, consistent and honest,” said Dominique Tayymans, project leader of the expert group that developed the standard. β€œISO 23662 compliant products provide consumers with clarity and confidence and ensure integrity and consistency in promoting vegan products.”

IGSC claimed to have obtained the ISO 23662 certification for the first time in the world through document screening, online screening, and on-site screening from NAC, a U.S. recognition agency. This allows IGSC to examine and verify vegan products more objectively and scientifically so that companies can produce clear, consistent and honest vegan products.

Meanwhile, IGSC also introduced a β€œvegan facility” certification that can grant vegan certification to companies operating vegan-only production facilities using only vegan raw materials. A Korean beer company used only vegan raw materials and operated a vegan-only production facility to obtain the world’s first vegan facility certification under ISO 23662 certification by the Institute of Global Sustainability Certification (IGSC).

IGSC provides various global certification services for smooth overseas export of domestic manufacturers, and is expanding its certification scope to zero-waste, plastic-free, upcycle, EPD, PEF and carbon footprint certifications with approval from NAC.

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