Naresh Ramaiya Dabbles on Writing in Several Topics

Naresh Ramaiya is a self-driven graduate who has a background in computer engineering. In his free time, he likes to develop websites and works on it and tries to share as much information as he can on a diverse range of topics.

Naresh Ramaiya went to San Jose state university and graduated in computer engineering. However, his quench for knowledge didn’t end there and so he decided to work further and diversified further by reaching out to fields like finance and real estate. 

He loves to work on different websites and fills them with information pertaining to several topics. He likes to talk about all topics that are trending and buzzing and thereby shares a wide array of articles. He wants his readers to gain knowledge and insight about several varied aspects. 

One of the key spokesmen for the site was quoted as saying, “Naresh Ramaiya has always been curious and keen on sharing details about diverse things. This knack to always explore more and the earnest desire to keep looking forward to trending news and details gave him the right kickstart to create several articles based websites.”

He had even worked in the field of equipment leasing and financing and he is aware of the best ways to leverage his knowledge and expertise in the right manner. He is always aspiring to add more to his knowledge base and thereby offer even more back to his work. He believes that there is no end to the learning curve and by sharing his two cents on the trending news and stories, he is able to create the right audience base for himself.

On his website, one can find a flurry of information ranging from stock markets to Johnny Depp trial to the job issues and employment worries and every other thing. Those who would like to follow these blogs and know more about the different topics that he writes on should make it a point to visit

About Naresh Ramaiya

Naresh Ramaiya graduated from San Jose state university as he specialized in computer engineering. He likes to dabble in several profession and thereby tried his hand at several things. He also likes to write on all the current trending affairs and topics. 

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