Naples Family Law Attorney Russell Knight Sheds Light on Paternity Denial Process in Florida

Naples family law attorney Russell Knight ( from the Law Office of Russell Knight has published an article titled, ‘How Do I Deny Paternity In Naples, Florida?’. The article provides a comprehensive guide on the process of denying paternity under Florida law.

The article begins by outlining that, in Florida, one must be found or accused of being the father to deny paternity. Russell Knight, a seasoned Naples family law attorney, explains that paternity is typically established by marriage. In cases where the parents are not married, paternity can be established through a voluntary acknowledgement of paternity, which creates a rebuttable presumption of paternity.

Naples family law attorney Russell Knight goes on to highlight the legal avenues that one can pursue to challenge paternity, including the various conditions that must be met under Florida law. “The court to challenge paternity is usually the court within which the child lives. So, if the child lives in Naples, Florida, an individual could challenge the paternity in Collier County,” Knight explains.

The Naples family law attorney delves into the legal limitations and potential barriers to denying paternity, such as if the alleged father has claimed paternity for personal legal advantage. He also explains the specific statute, Fla. Stat. Sec. 742.18(1), enacted in Florida in 2006, which outlines how a legal father can challenge paternity upon finding out he is not the biological father.

“This statute has proven to be very difficult to use for overturning paternity in the Florida courts. The question that usually arises is, ‘When should an individual have known that they needed a DNA test?’”, says Knight.

Russell Knight’s article is a valuable resource for anyone seeking to understand the intricacies of paternity law in Florida. It provides clear, concise, and accurate information on a complex subject, making it accessible to those outside the legal field.

Readers are prompted to take action by reaching out to the Law Office of Russell Knight to learn more about the process of investigating, confirming, or denying paternity under Florida law.

About The Law Office of Russell Knight:

The Law Office of Russell Knight is a renowned legal firm based in Naples, Florida. The firm, led by Russell Knight, has a long-standing reputation for providing high-quality legal services, particularly in the field of family law. The firm is committed to offering professional legal advice and representation, striving to ensure that their clients’ rights and interests are protected. Their recent article on paternity denial in Florida is yet another testament to the firm’s dedication to ensuring their clients and the community are well-informed about legal matters.


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