Naples Family Law Attorney Russell Knight Releases Insightful Article on Gaining Custody of a Non-Biological Child in Florida


Naples family law attorney Russell Knight ( of The Law Office of Russell Knight has recently published an informative article addressing a complex and emotionally charged issue: ‘How Do I Get Custody Of A Child That Is Not My Biological Child In Naples, Florida?’. He has written a comprehensive guide to help those seeking custody of a non-biological child navigate the intricate legal landscape.

Naples family law attorney Russell Knight’s article lays out a clear roadmap for the four paths to gain custody in Florida, including adoption, appointment of a guardian, intervention by the State Department of Children and Families in a dependency action, and temporary custody under Chapter 751.

Knight, a respected Naples family law attorney, begins by explaining the initial step of gaining temporary custody. He emphasizes that this is a common route for military families or families facing a temporary crisis and can be granted routinely if both parents consent.

Knight further explains that only an “extended family member” may file a petition for temporary custody in Florida courts. This includes grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles, siblings or half siblings. If individuals do not fall within these categories, they must proceed via adoption or guardianship under Chapter 744.

“The courts must find that the grant of temporary custody is consented to by the parents and in the best interests of the child,” Knight explains. “Temporary custody can be terminated very easily if a parent withdraws their consent and reinstates their rights.”

In cases where a parent has been deemed unfit, Knight points out that they must demonstrate their fitness to reinstate their rights and terminate the temporary custody order. He also elaborates on the concept of concurrent custody and the process of seeking guardianship under Chapter 744 of the Florida Statutes.

The article, a blend of legal knowledge and heartfelt understanding, is an invaluable resource for those facing the challenging process of seeking custody of a non-biological child.

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