Nakshatra Awards 2022 by Vyom International, All the Way From Australia

An International Award Ceremony to Be Organized in India by Rohit Sharma & Seerat Sharma from Australia

NAKSHATRA AWARDS 2022 by Vyom International, all the way from Australia – First International Award event for Vastu, Astrology, Yoga, Occult & Meditation.


On March 6, Nakshatra Awards 2022 will be organized by Rohit Sharma Ji and Seerat Sharma Ji corporeal in Melbourne, Australia at the Constitutional Club of India at Rafi Marg in New Delhi.

All the tickets for this award event have already sold out within a few days. More than 100 people are attending this event. This award event in India is handled by the Vyom India team whose main members are Shani Sanjeev Sharma, Acharya Anita Sharma, and SK Joshi.

Before this, The Nakshatra Award 2022 online event was organized by Vyom International and SS Astrology which was very successful. It was the world’s first online awards event that included live interviews and live sessions.

In this online award event, people from all over the country and abroad joined and answered the questions of the audience. The entire online event was highly appreciated and the platform of this international VAYOM allowed the people to showcase their skills and qualities.

Vyom International honored everyone with different certificates after the live sessions. Rohit Sharma and his wife Seerat Sharma, who is living in Australia and is the chairman and president of Vyom, did all this work. They are connected with their country and culture even living abroad.

Rohit Sharma and Seerat Sharma, endeavour to connect people with their Vedic & Sanatan culture through Vyom and SS Astrology. Rohit Sharma is a businessman, author, and entrepreneur by profession. He has written various books on Yoga and Astrology. He holds a dual master’s degree in engineering. Besides his interest in science, he also believed in religion and astrology. Despite living abroad, he did not leave his religion, culture, and astrology. He founded Vyom Origination which researches and works on Vastu Astrology Yoga Occult and Meditation.

His other organization is SS Astrology, which teaches astrology to people free of cost through YouTube. Rohit Sharma Ji has also brought out many free books on astrology meditation and yoga.

In his entire work, his wife Seerat Sharma gives her full support. Seerat Sharma apart from being a teacher is also good in music, dance, and modeling. She has got a lot of awards in modeling. But now for Seerat Sharma, family is the first thing and she is now giving full time to her three sons Rehan, Suhaan, and Vihaan.

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