MY Set to Launch Its Revolutionary Detachable Space Heater With Safety Quiet Heating, Among Other Incredible Features, on Kickstarter


MY, a Chinese-based gadget manufacturer, is introducing its heating structure, the revolutionary detachable space heater with safety and quiet heating, among other incredible features.

Explained to the layman, a space heater is a heating device designed to focus heat in a single room or small zone. They work by expelling hot air through a fan, which naturally rises and forces colder air to the floor. This process helps to circulate the heat and warm the space effectively. They are fast and efficient at heating a room but should not be used as an alternative to a central heating system. Think of them more as a temporary fix or a supplement to heating when needed.

MY raised the bar in the space heater market by creating the unique detachable heating structure, unavailable in any space heater on the market. With MY’s detachable space heater, users can put the monomer on the table close to the body for healing, or it can be combined to achieve a wide range of space heating. The combined space heater can be rotated through the remote control or the bottom button to power on and achieve 360 degrees of omnidirectional heating.

MY put a lot of thought into the security and safety of its space heater. The company adopts an auto shutoff design to prevent any accidents. This includes a round lid on the top of each monomer that starts heating when covered and plugged in. Once the cover is removed, the monomer is shut off immediately. Automatic power cut-off can be realized by removing any single unit from the combined heater.

”Our space heater is also so easy to operate, you can push the bottom button to power on the combined heater and the remote control can also achieve”, said founder Xionghui Leng. ”If you need to rotate(120 degrees left and right) or time heating(2,4,6,8hours), you can use the remote control to achieve this.”

MY is equipped with advanced PTC ceramic constant-temperature heating elements, with a single power rating of 400W and a combined rated power of up to 1200W; it only takes 3 seconds to heat warmth for relatively small spaces, offering a comfortable and consistent temperature. Just turn on MY space heater and count to 3 to enjoy a warm living room, bedroom, or office.

MY chose a constant temperature heating plate design. The heating temperature of each monomer is 105 degrees (221Fahrenheit), and the outlet part temperature is 85 degrees (185 Fahrenheit). The temperature can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the number of monomers. (The Max power is 1600W, which can be allowed to superimpose four monomers)

”Our space heater is definitely the most suitable space heater for you. It is ideal for reading, working, listening to music, watching TV, doing homework, taking a nap, or sleeping at night; noise reduction design will not disturb you, your kids, or your neighbors”, declared designer Dong Li.

To have an in-depth look at the revolutionary detachable space heater, check out the company’s page on Kickstarter.

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