22-year old Lightskin Legend is winning hearts with his music

The world order is in a crucial stage right now. The ideologies, perspectives, and beliefs about transformation are from the Stone Age through technological development. Moreover, the rapid increase in life speed brings up competition, confusion, and depression. It is killing society on its own.

When many people claim this generation is lost, some young people have proven wrong. Grayson Walker, famous as Lightskin Legend, a 22-year old singer based in Memphis, TN, is one of the youths who are not only motivated for the change but helping others. He belongs to a family of artists and keeps up with the legacy making his way to change through music.

Delivering The Power Of Music

Music turns out to be an expensive tool for change and motivation. It connects people on purpose and lets them think in a direction lost already. Lightskin is doing it with his music. Grayson is evident with his notes, getting a piece in his blood, from his grandfather George Walker, a Pulitzer Prize Winner composer, and son of Gregory Walker composer and violinist.

In music, he knows what exactly he is doing, from the composition to lyrics and the final product for the audience. It seems like producing a perfect track, everything he hit the studio. The beats and the songs and their message are pretty straightforward and convincing for the people.

Making It An All-Time Hit

Walker is working as an independent singer, and in his initial four-year career, he gave some significant hits. His songs like Pretty Faces”, “Joker and “My Shot” have been amazing. My Shot has been on #23 on the U.K. iTunes Hip Hop charts. Gradually he is making it bigger by creating a better brand image and display.

What adds more to Walker’s music is his current enrollment in the Master’s program of Social Innovation at the University of San Diego. The course is helping him to add more vision and revolution in his songs, which is a fantastic addition.

You can check out his songs and connect with him at the following platforms:


About Lightskin Legend

A 22-year-old Singer whose high aspirations to change the genre of hip-hop and create social change around the world drive his creative inspiration. His music has made him a fan favorite locally and overseas.

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