Municipal Hard Water Supplies Are Impacting Cities Throughout America, and It’s Costing Countless Homes & Businesses

Plumbing repairs oriented around hard water are more common than ever before, and today nearly all of the United States is affected by hard water!

Salt Lake City, UT — (ReleaseWire) — 03/10/2022 — Over 80% of all homes throughout the United States have hard water, and Americans from Los Angeles to New York are now experiencing all sorts of expensive issues to support the overall functionality of their homes and businesses.

Hard water is known to wreck havoc on a property’s plumbing appliances, make people’s hair and skin dry/itchy, and develop mineral buildup that leads to costly plumbing repairs. One part of the country that has been particularly impacted by municipal hard water supplies is Northern Utah, and this is partly due to its proximity to the Great Salt Lake and other geological features in the region.

Plumbing repairs in Salt Lake City have skyrocketed in recent years due to local residents coming to understand their hard water symptoms, but the truth is that hard water is impacting just about every city in America. The good news is that there are solutions for hard water issues that can protect homes and business from expensive repairs and potential piping replacements, and below is a comprehensive overview oriented around hard water that details what it is and what treatment options there are!

What Exactly is Hard Water?

Many municipal water supplies are in fact hard water, and this means that the water has mineral compound buildup within it that includes various metals, magnesium, calcium and other minerals.

One of the negative impacts of hard water is that the minerals prevent soap from properly lathering, and this is why many people with hard water will see scale buildup on their dishes and cooking pans after dishwasher loads have ended. Calcium salts and dissolved magnesium pose all sorts of issues when it comes to bathing, doing laundry and washing dishes. These minerals also pose serious threats to water heaters and the overall functionality of complex plumbing systems.

Common Warning Signs of Hard Water

Many residential and commercial properties are frustrated with their hard water issues long before they even realize that they in fact have hard water, but there are some warning signs that help property owners be more proactive in resolving these types of common plumbing problems.

Stiff and dingy laundry is a common symptom of hard water, and this is particularly problematic if these symptoms persist with the use of fabric softeners and extra soap to keep clothes clean. Mineral deposits on dishes and glassware are also a common sign of hard water, or when dishes simply never seem to be properly cleaned when they come out of a dishwasher.

Needing to work extra hard to remove soap scum from showers or bathtubs is another common warning sign, and this is because mineral deposits are likely becoming embedded into the bathing areas. Scale buildup on your faucets, sinks, tubs and other plumbing appliances is also another telltale sign that a property’s water is abnormally high in mineral content.

Potential Treatment Methods For Hard Water

The good news for countless American properties is that there are treatment options to eliminate the many issues posed by hard water supplies.

Electrolyte conditioning is a strategy to protect an entire household from limescale and other mineral buildup, and it also makes residential water supplies much safer to drink.

Chemical water softeners are also a very popular treatment option, but it’s important to understand the variations between water softeners in order to obtain the correct unit for specific hard water issues.

Water filters are another good strategy on top of a whole-house water softener, because these appliances will help to properly distill a property’s water supply and make it safer for drinking and other household purposes.

Municipal Hard Water Is An Ongoing Issue For Many American Communities To Address Into The Future!

Although there are many solutions for hard water issues, they aren’t always the most affordable options for every family and household. Hard water is inevitably going to be an ongoing environmental justice issue throughout the foreseeable future, and it’s a water safety problem that’s directly connected to the quality of water that’s sourced from municipalities throughout the country.

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