Mumbai Eye Care Announces Three Treatments for Cornea Problems

One Of The Best Cornea Surgeon In Mumbai
Mumbai Eye Care has launched three new cornea treatments. These new treatments will treat and heal various cornea disorders that patients could have.

Cornea disorder could lead to some serious problems, including blindness. It happens a lot in all countries in the world, including India. Mumbai Eye Care, one of the top eye clinics in Mumbai, India, offers the solution for this problem. Moreover, with the status as the top clinic for cornea surgery in Mumbai, this place offers laser treatment, corneal transplant surgery, and artificial cornea transplant to solve various cornea problems. Each treatment provides various solutions, such as reshaping the cornea, replacing the damaged cornea with new corneal tissue from a donor, and using keratoprosthesis (KPro) or artificial cornea. All treatments are conducted by eye specialists with many experiences. It includes Dr. Jatin Ashar, the head of Mumbai Eye Care.

As the head of this clinic, Dr. Jatin Ashar has been involved in various treatments, including cornea surgery. However, this clinic doesn’t limit its service to cornea disorder treatment. Its reputation as a top eye clinic also provides solutions for other problems, such as cataracts, glaucoma, retina surgery, and even LASIK eye surgery. Moreover, it also uses the latest technology to provide the service, which reduces the risk of failure. Mumbai Eye Care also has achieved the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH) pre accreditation as the proof of the best eye specialist in Ghatkopar.

One of the Mumbai Eye Care staff explained, β€œHere, we always keep our patients’ safety and comfort as our priority. Therefore, we try to provide the best service, not only the surgery and treatment for our patients’ eye disorder but also other accommodations that help the patient relax while having their treatment at our clinic. Of course, we also can confidently call ourselves the best eye clinic for cornea disorder because we have the top cornea specialist in Mumbai working with us. It is not only Dr. Jatin Ashar but also other doctors in our team.”

About Mumbai Eye Care

Mumbai Eye Care is the centre of all eye disorder solutions that everyone needs. It is the house of various eye specialists, including Dr. Jatin Ashar, one of the best eye specialists in Mumbai. This clinic uses the latest technology, especially laser equipment for eye surgery. It is not surprising if this place always comes out as the top destination to get all kinds of treatment for eye problems.

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