With the emergence of ChatGPT, interest in artificial intelligence (AI) is growing. The appearance of interactive and generative AI is causing shockwaves in the market at a speed and destructive power that far surpasses past innovations in the internet and smartphones. MudAi (developed by 9kei+) has released a beta version of a personalized AI avatar through the world’s largest Web3 community, GALXE, attracting attention.

(MudAi’s Wallet, which serves as a gateway for metaverse, payments, and chat functions, is a key component of the super app.)

MudAi is a project to implement avatars with personalized AI in a new concept metaverse, focusing on personalized AI, in contrast to the universal AI that has been pouring out recently.

It would be easy to explain the difference between personalized AI and universal AI in a Q&A format with MudAi officials.

Reporter: What does personalized AI mean?

Answer: Simply put, if you ask a universal AI like ChatGPT, “What should I have for lunch today?” it will list about a dozen or so menu items that could be suitable for lunch. However, since personalized AI is learning the user’s preferences, it can recommend the optimal menu. In other words, personalized AI can play the role of another “me” or “personal assistant.” This means we can have an artificial intelligence like “Jarvis” in the movie Iron Man.

(MudAi’s personalized AI feature is a customized AI that has learned from the user in the form of chats and conversations, enhancing its understanding of the user through continuous learning from chats, conversations, and activities.)

Reporter: What kind of AI does MudAi aim for?

Answer: MudAi aims for an economy that exists simultaneously in reality and virtual space without involving human disposal time. In other words, the user’s personalized AI avatar, which has been learned, will continue to learn even when the user has logged out, and the goal is to create a second economic entity in virtual space by deepening personalization by learning the user’s chat content and activities.

MudAi officials said, “We are very pleased to be able to reveal the beta version of MudAi’s personalized AI avatar with GALXE. As the largest Web3 community, GALXE will be a great force in expanding MudAi. In the near future, people will have a ‘smarter me than myself.’”

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