Film is a global art form that can bring people a rich and colorful visual and emotional experience across national boundaries, languages and cultures. As an important part of the film industry, international cinema carries expectations and visions for global cultural exchange, artistic creation and commercial operation. In the context of globalization, MOVEE Group will strengthen its teamwork with a more comprehensive market layout and marketing strategy, as well as stronger international cooperation and the establishment of a perfect service system to meet the needs of users and the expectations of film and TV partners.

Focusing on future strategic development, MOVEE Group will not forget its mission and insist on bringing the most stable value to global users permanently. To realize the vision and expand the blueprint, MOVEE will achieve eight core goals within five years:

In Q1 2023, establish 50 international offices worldwide, hold touring summits, expand global market share and international co-production film projects.

In 2023 Q2, launch a film equity financing program and participate in international film fairs, aiming to issue equity to investors, gather film companies, film and TV organizations, critics and fans from around the world, and further promote international film industry exchanges and cooperation.

In Q3 2023, we will propose the film and TV WEB3.0 program, enter the WEB3.0 field, launch the angel round financing plan, and explore the combination of film and TV field with blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, intelligence and sustainable development.

In Q4 2023, the annual film financing will exceed USD 20 million, the box office revenue of film and television will exceed USD 100 million, and we will continue to promote the production and distribution of high-quality film and television works to realize the long-term operation of an integrated international market.

The development and changes in the international film industry are becoming more and more rapid and complex, and the cultural differences and competition among countries have brought many challenges and opportunities to the international film market. movee group has been exploring and innovating in the field in recent years, promoting the green development of the film industry, excellent execution and efficient operation to achieve business growth and profitability

By 2024, we will achieve the accumulation and overlay of IP, incubate film and TV IP, nominate at least one film to globally renowned film festivals throughout the year, increase the stickiness with online video platforms, shoot 4 films throughout the year, exceed $500 million in box office accumulation, open 4 film financing plans throughout the year, and open $50 million in financing

By 2025, we plan to realize the integration process of film and TV IP and games, and fully develop film and TV WEB3.0 technology. Our goal is to capture 5% of the global movie market.

In 2026, we will launch the Million Star Maker Program to discover more outstanding movie talents and produce movie and TV works with global influence.

By 2027, we aim to be listed on NASDAQ and complete 10 films.

The rapid development and changes in the international film industry, as well as cultural differences and competition, have brought great challenges and opportunities to the global film market. As MOVEE Group, we are constantly exploring and innovating to promote the green development of the film industry. We are committed to excellence in execution and efficient operations to achieve business growth and profitability, and to provide the highest quality services and partnership opportunities for our users.

In the future, MOVEE will work with people and users from all industries and fields around the world to usher in a new era in the world of mainstream film business. We are headquartered at Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA. If you need to contact us, you can do so by


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