Industry Leaders Urge Members to Protect Themselves Against Fraudulent Activities

As the film advertising industry experiences a period of growth and expansion, with companies like Movee leading the way in international markets, it has become increasingly important for industry members to remain vigilant against potential threats. Unscrupulous actors have been targeting reputable business models and engaging in illegal and fraudulent activities, which pose a significant risk to the integrity and credibility of the industry.

To protect themselves and the broader film advertising community, members are advised to take the following precautions:

Verify the legitimacy of any company claiming to be registered in a particular country and check the age of their domain name.
Be skeptical of websites featuring an abundance of positive reviews, especially if they contain fictitious names, randomly sourced photos, or plagiarized text.
Consult platforms like Scamadviser for reputation ratings and reviews of websites or businesses in question.
Avoid engaging with platforms that have limited user bases, low traffic, or poor rankings on reputable sites like Tranco.
Be cautious when dealing with websites or businesses that conceal the identity of their owner or have hidden information in WHOIS records.
Confirm the presence of valid trust marks to ensure consumer protection before engaging with any site or business.
Use standard browsers to search for specific information about a company to gauge their credibility.

By following these guidelines, industry members can avoid deception and financial losses. Additionally, they are encouraged to evaluate claims and comments objectively and rationally, steering clear of being misled or influenced. Industry leaders call upon the film advertising community to collaborate in preserving the industry’s healthy growth and maintaining a level playing field for all.

About Movee Technology

Movee Technology, founded in 2018, is a Los Angeles-based company with a vision to become a global symbol of entertainment. Strategically located in the heart of the entertainment industry, Movee Technology has established partnerships with major players such as Netflix, HBO Max, and Fox Entertainment. By leveraging the power of the internet, Movee Technology drives traffic to upcoming movie trailers on these platforms, engaging users and building hype for new releases. This increase in demand and anticipation helps movies gain higher ratings and popularity in various genres, ultimately contributing to the success and excitement surrounding each release.


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