Mosaic Inc. Nation Hosts Battle of the Nation – Cinco De Mayo to Celebrate One Year on Clubhouse

Women empowerment platform, Mosaic Inc. Nation, celebrates a year of helping female speakers find their voice on Clubhouse by organizing Clubhouse’s Battle of the Nation – Cinco de Mayo, a 12-hour summit for participants to share their stories.

The team at Mosaic Inc. Nation, led by the duo of Shirleyann Ann Fedler and Lesley George, continues in its pursuit of opening up avenues for women, irrespective of location or age group, to show up audaciously authentically, as the initiative recently celebrated the first anniversary of being on Clubhouse.

Millions of women across the globe find it difficult to express themselves on several topical issues, either as professionals or members of the community, particularly as they have been termed to be vulnerable on different grounds. Several initiatives have been created by individuals as well as government agencies and non-governmental organizations to change the narrative. However, more needs to be done in this regard, which is where Shirleyann and Lesley of Mosaic Inc. Nation have been particularly helpful in recent times as substantiated by the feats achieved in just a year on Clubhouse.

In celebration of the achievement, Mosaic Inc. Nation organized Battle of the Nation – Cinco de Mayo, a 12-hour summit from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. eastern, featuring 35 inspiring female speakers from all walks of life. It provided a platform for the women to share their victory battles in faith, health, wealth, relationships, business, and careers with attendees. Battle of the Nation – Cinco de Mayo was more than just a celebration as it gave women the platform to share their stories because most time, women feel their stories do not matter but on that day, they realize they have a voice—a voice of inspiration that heals and gives hope to those who may have felt lost.

Mosaic Inc. Nation Club is one of the several ways that the initiative aims to inspire as many women as possible across the globe to greatness.

For more information about the incredible movement of Mosaic, Inc. Nation go to and Clubhouse.

About Mosaic, Inc. Nation

Mosaic, Inc. Nation was founded by Lesley George and  Shirleyann Ann Fedler to focus on creating a platform for women across the globe to breathe and feel seen by sharing their authentic stories without fear or favor. Shirleyann Fedler is a New York-based entrepreneur, life coach, speaker, and bestselling author and CEO of Ordinary Greatness while Lesley George is a Florida-based speaker, bestselling author, entrepreneur, and life coach.

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