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At the GREENLAND meeting for goals in 2022, when referring to this year’s main work goals, Li Yonghao put forward: “More precise time, action in place, place quality first.”

As the production and quality control manager of GREENLAND, over the past ten years, he has witnessed the continuous optimization of GREENLAND‘s quality control and production transformation and upgrading, until now the whole department of production and quality control.

“More precise time, action in place, place quality first.”

That’s exactly what he did, work hard as the workwear.

Here we would like a share a case about it.

Quality control is mainly divided into the following four major links:

Fabric and accessories inspection before cutting to avoid mistakes.
First piece inspection to find out a defect in the earliest time.
In-line inspection to ensure all defects are repaired in time.
Shipment inspection to make sure everything is in the right condition for delivery

At the meeting, General Manager Hu also put forward the new goal of becoming a sustainable and most reliable fashion workwear partner.

In the past, the most frequently discussed topic for the GREENLAND was “PRODUCT”.

And recent years it has been replaced by the sense of “quality control”.

All this reflects the deep consciousness in GREENLAND about the current state of the market, as well as widely shared cognition about the future.

2022, rise to challenges together for a shared future.

It should also ring true when it comes to relations between all partners. In this spirit, are ready to work with all partners in the same boat and, with unity as the sail and cooperation as the oar, toward a brighter future!

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