Are you a Foodie Fan? We are too, at SkillGaming. Whether you are a Carnivore, a gamer with a Sweet Tooth, a sexy Lean Vegan, or simply a Soup Lover, you will feel at home with us here at We love food so much that we even incorporate it into our game characters and partnerships program.

Before the year ends, we just thought we should also sum up a few other cute adorable projects that we have partnered up with recently but have yet to mention anywhere. You may have heard that we are the “muscles” behind the scenes of the games created for Cake Monster, an adorable Pancake Loving Monsta, Meals Token, who warms hungry kids hearts with their hot bowl of soup, and ShinChan Token who farts out loud (in the game) after a good meal deal.

That is why most of us at SkillGaming are KEK-sized but yet as cute as My Little Moomin. Don’t know who Kek and Moomin are? I will take the opportunity here to re-introduce them. Below is a sketch of these cute curvy characters. Moomin is a Happy-Go-Lucky character that is always referenced by the Fun Hyper Crazy Competitive SkillGaming Community to tease each other during trash-talk sessions in the game battles and KEK the clown is definitely our beloved mascot, he is an Angry Psychotic but yet Smart Scientist turned Evil Ruler of Planet Neon which created the SkillGaming universe and to top the icing, he is also an alcoholic.

Moomin and Kek — the best of both worlds

About ShinChan Token

ShinChan Token (Token: SHINNOSUKE & SHIRO) is a community-driven ERC20 ecosystem of various platforms. Based on the famous Japanese manga series Shin Chan, it is the starting point of this ecosystem. It will be the governance token in the ShinChan Token ecosystem. Holders of this token will be able to benefit from passive income in the form of a secondary token called SHIRO which will be the currency used for the upcoming ShinChan token Play-to-Earn (P2E) game that we will release in 2022. SkillGaming will be the Technology Partner that will help bring their gaming vision to life!

Featuring ShinChan and NeNe in Shino Revenge

As a Christmas token from the ShinChan team to their anime lovers communities, SkillGaming has been hard at work completing Shino Revenge (Beta version) to be released before Christmas. The game will be hosted on the ShinChan Token website and made available to be played for playable mode only. While another set will be integrated with the traditional P2E feature and hosted on On the SG platform, the Shino Revenge game can be played for FREE to collect XP points or for real money (P2E) in Duel, War, and 1 Versus CPU mode. We will also schedule an AMA and the dates will be announced once it’s finalized. The gamer will get to play as Shino on a mission to save Nene who has been kidnapped by naughty King Buri and Shino goes all the way to the rescue with the Power of his short and long Farts!

About Cake Monster

Cake Monster (Token: MONSTAis a DeFi protocol on the Binance Smart chain that offers unique features focused on developing a flexible, multifaceted, and automated dividend yield and reward system for participants.

SkillGaming’s first project with Cake Monster is to create the first surprise for their community for their 12 days Giveaway by releasing the Christmas-themed Telegram game — Monsta Claus’ Xmas Cake Run Through the Snowy Forest!. The gamers need to Help Monsta Claus navigate through the snow while avoiding dangerous obstacles in a quest to collect all the Pancake Presents. The gamers need to climb the leaderboard, and earn the share of sweet MONSTA prizes! The Monsta Claus’ Xmas Cake Run Through the Snowy Forest game is also hosted on Skillgaming.

Cake Monster featured in Monsta Claus’ Xmas Cake Run Through the Snowy Forest

As we speak, both the Cake Monster and SkillGaming teams are working closely on several joint projects. So stay tuned and we will make an announcement about it when the time comes. We are extremely certain that this will put an Epic Sweet BIG SMILE on the MONSTA Community faces. An AMA will also be scheduled in the coming weeks. So Party Monsters that’s crazy for Cake, be prepared and get ready to Shake!

About Meals Token

Meals Token (Token: MEALS) is a charity-driven token on Binance Smart Chain. It prides itself as a Crypto trading with a purpose. It has cold storage coins, NFTs, and a Play-to-Earn (P2E) game in development called the MEALS BLASTER, created and powered by For every buy & sell transaction, Meals contract collects a fee which helps strengthen the total donations made, liquidity pool, reflect static rewards in BUSD, and secure their marketing/development budget. Charitable donations are one small way Meals can help provide money to organizations that enhance the human experience. Philanthropy is a core value of Meals.

Meatball Boss and Chicken Pod in Meals Blaster to the Moon!

The Meals Blaster game is hosted on the SkillGaming server where the Gamers can play for FREE to collect XP points to brag to their friends or play in real money through our Challenge mode (where you fight against the AI), Duel Mode (you play against your friends and foes) or simply join the WAR (a 24-hour mini-tournament mode). It is also available via the Meals Token Telegram community in Free-To-Play mode (F2P). This project has been a fun one as we work truly closely with the Meals Token team to build and design every part of the game component from the background, to the space pods, to the projectiles and asteroid rocks, not forgetting the much-praised original rap music. We truly hope the communities enjoy playing the game as we enjoy creating it for them. An AMA was also held last week and the recording will be uploaded to the Investor Portal soon.

We had a blast time making the Meals Blaster game together with the Skillgaming Game development Team and this project helps unleash the inner child in me, the team, and the Meals Blaster Community! — Austin Arrowood, the CEO of Meals Token.

Against All Odds

Didn’t our mama always tells us “Not to Play With our Food” but ironically in our case, we manage to spin all this around and empower everyone to see things in a different light and we enjoy seeing gamers Playing with their Fun Food Games such as Meals Blaster and Monsta Claus’ Xmas Cake Run Through the Snowy Forest.

We can see things can get pretty messy when the gamers try to “Outwin, Outplay, Outlast” each other to be the champion on the leaderboards or King of the Hill. And who in the right frame of mind would have thought that Fart or Flatulence that most consider as rude, is now an acceptable concept and used as a heroic weapon to save the world or some even joke it can bring you to the moon, “Just kidding!”

There’s also a saying that “Three’s a Crowd” but not in this case. The three projects above are a wonderful joy for the team to work on and deliver on time for Christmas and we are looking forward to having more Partners who would be interested to work with us to bring their gaming dreams to reality.

We wish you a safe and happy holiday season.

Best regards,

The SkillGaming team!

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