MoonStrike, One of the Most Highly Anticipated Blockchain Gaming Projects.

MoonStrike represents blockchain NFT gaming space, introducing various popular features often found in the most popular multiplayer online games on the market but still relatively absent from blockchain games

Moon Strike is a newly launched blockchain-based gaming project in the industry that includes a play-to-earn component and first – and third person shooting. Players can build their base and battle it out with other players on the Moon in the game. The founders are creating an online multiplayer competitive game where players must use skill and intelligence to raid to gather resources, trade with other players, and survive in a hostile environment of the terraformed Moon.

The game delivers team adventure, where players should plan their actions with their teammates and cooperate to succeed. The team’s objective is to find and extract valuable resources and then make their way to one of the delivery capsules launchpads before the enemy team does. Players fight each other, set traps, and craft new gadgets on the go to get an advantage.

The benefits of the games are distributed in two major parts. They are as follows:Β 

Play Vs. Player:

The first part is a Player vs. Player 3rd person action shooter with survival mechanics. During the game match, the player will cooperate with his teammates to survive in a hostile environment and compete with the players from the opponent’s team to find and extract valuable resources on the map. A survival mechanic forces the player not to waste time: he has a limited amount of oxygen, which allows him to move safely only for a particular period.

Building & Crafting:

The second part of the game is a base-building simulator. The player must create and upgrade production buildings on his base to gather and refine the resources available on his territory or the ones he can get from other players. The player uses produced resources to craft, upgrade and repair weapons, extraction tools, traps, mines, turrets, drones, vehicles, ammo, and consumables.

For further information, potential users can visit theΒ website.Β 

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