Moob DAO Is Coming to the Local Stores

The Moob Treasury-backed token offers users a way to diversify portfolios, lower volatility and outperform the traditional financial system in a stable and secure way. Moob also introduces a new form of Crypto Currency utility that allows users to buy products and services both online and within a global network of brick and mortar locations utilising any Crypto currency that is converted to the Moob token.

Moob DAO has launched a new policy-controlled reserve currency built on the Binance Smart Chain to allow people to stake for high rewards. Moob which is the acronym of Multi Vendor Optimized Organisation on the Blockchain is a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation. The Creators of Moob DAO have made it clear that its users will be able to use Moob tokens to shop on their Marketplace for regular products and services. They also have plans to introduce the Moob Rewards payment card that will facilitate both online and physical store purchases in the near future with a cash back incentive (Payable in tokens). 

Rory Holloway, boxing manager who has managed the likes of Iron Mike Tyson, endorsed the project by saying “We are committed to utilizing the Moob token in coordination with major sporting and entertainment brands”.

The protocol is the sole way to mint or burn the Moob Tokens. All Moob Tokens are guaranteed to be backed by this mechanism, with one Moob being backed by one BUSD. The community discusses every decision on the forum, which is then voted on by token holders in a snapshot vote.”

As evident, the DAO owns and manages the Global Multi-Vendor Marketplace, which is founded and funded by the DAO. The Moob Token’s stakeholders receive a portion of the revenue earned by the Marketplace. The more revenue the Marketplace generates, the more rewards are awarded to the DAO’s stakeholders. Creators are expecting that the Marketplace will aid in the recruitment of new adapters to the Moob DAO ecosystem, resulting in a new revenue source for the DAO’s Treasury.

According to the reports, there are three main strategies for market participants: staking, bonding and Cashback Incentives. Bonders provide Liquidity Provider tokens or BUSD tokens in exchange for discounted Moob tokens after a fixed vesting period. Stakers stake their Moob tokens in exchange for more Moob tokens. The third strategy for participation is the ability to utilize The Global Multi vendor marketplace whereby each purchase is rewarded with cash back Moob tokens. The protocol benefits from the utilization of the marketplace as this results in new members which is beneficial to the Moob Community. All tokens received as cashback will have the same ability to be used to stake, bond and purchase additional products and services.

Moob DAO is currently conducting its private sale while preparing for the Public Presale, for which the date should be announced sometime in late February. People who want to learn more about the Moob private sale and the upcoming public presale should make it a point to check out the Moob website at One can join their Discord and their Telegram @MOOBDAO. Follow on Twitter @Moob_Financial and TikTok @moobfinancial.

Vendors who want to participate in the Moob DAO Marketplace should join the Moob Discord or they can send an email to:

About Moob DAO

Moob DAO is a token-based decentralized currency reserve protocol built on the Binance Smart Chain, which is collateralized and backed by the Moob Treasury to give users the same purchasing power, thereby curbing inflation. Moob DAO allows its token to be utilised on its multi vendor marketplace which allows everyone to purchase goods and services both online and within stores. Moob provides additional incentives by providing cash back rewards for each purchase at the marketplace.

Moob has objectives that include an NFT marketplace, proprietary digital wallet, and advances towards expansion of its services and marketplace into the metaverse. Moob welcomes industry stakeholders including charitable organizations to reach out to participate and benefit from our community.

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“Better to Moob before the market!”

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