Monstarz, Inc. Is Set to Drop a Scary Large NFT Collection in 2022 – Basic Information About It


Monstarz NFTs are coming to the Opensea marketplace in Q1 2022, January being the initial target! Monstarz, Inc developed the set of 10,000+ non-fungible tokens and will debut on OpenSea as they are minted from

According to creator Jimmy Tuma, there are 10,000 NFTs in the upcoming drop, plus a few surprises that the world will have to wait to see.

Every “player” of the Monstarz Original Draft Class is one-hundred percent distinctive and was generated using software that was able to compile 150 plus traits from various well-known basketball stars, trendy hairstyles over the years, diverse hair colors, facial expressions, headwear, accented accessories, and additional scarce characteristics.

Founder Jimmy Tuma created the concept of Monstarz, Inc. Jimmy also owns a marketing firm and has been a longtime investor in crypto and NFTs. Also on Jimmy’s team are Tysson Poots, a former pro football player in the NFL and NFT investor, Yeurri Toribio, who’s in charge of research and development, Jimmy Perkins the resident Crypto expert, Ozzy Metaverse who covers the community management, and JRocket with the community development. The company is also backed by Hyperwave Media sister company of National Media and Marketing firm Hi-Tek Media.


The company was founded on their 7 Pillars of Utility, which include:

Gaming and Metaverse – In addition to being in the gaming space, Monstarz also wants to transform the virtual and digital gaming terrain perspective. Monstarz holders will get to hang out in the sandbox, VR Lands, play games, and so much more.

Monstarz Billionaire Club – This will be an exclusive club that will ultimately expand and get more prominent, but to start, a fortunate few will get to enter at the drop.

Pro Basketball Team Ownership – Reputed to be the most challenging aspect of the pillars, the creators of Monstarz will look for a professional basketball team, likely a lower-tiered European or Australian team, and build them up. All Monstarz NFT holders will vote on jerseys, mascots, merchandise, and more. Furthermore, a percentage of the earnings from the team will be raffled to holders.

Monstarz Black Card – The passes will feature perks, such as significant access to all seven pillars, raffle winnings, voter rights, merch sales raffles, exclusive access to airdrops, calls, and investments, to name a few.

Percentage of Merch Sales Raffled to Holders – Holders will be admitted to a raffle for their chance to receive a portion of all merchandise sales.

Future Airdrops to Holders and First Access on Partnerships – Holders will get first access to all company partnerships, meaning holders will always receive first news from the creators before taking opportunities outside the project.

Access To An Exclusive Group On Upcoming Investments And Open Calls – Holders will get inside the room on Monstarz, Inc’s investment prospects and forthcoming calls in the NFT and crypto communities. With access to this pillar, holders will be a part of official chats and build up their portfolio like a professional.

*Monstarz, Inc. does not give official investing advice. Holders are advised to invest at their own risk.

Interested parties are encouraged to review the Monstarz website and join the official Discord communities:

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Company Name: Monstarz, Inc.
Contact Person: Jimmy Tuma
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Country: United States

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