Mohamed Jumaa Defies the Odds to Become Successful Business Founder

The amazingly talented youth grew up with a passion for computers and has successfully established a crypto mining business with rigs ranging from $10,000 to $500,000

Mohamed Jumaa is living his life as a testament to the fact that anyone can accomplish anything once they devote themselves to it entirely. The phenomenal 20-year old grew up with a passion for computers and despite struggling a bit in high school, Mohamed defied the odds to establish a reputable crypto mining business in Dearborn.

Better known as Moe of Moe’s Crypto, the amazingly talented youth is the founder and CEO of Moe’s Crypto – a cryptocurrency mining business that builds, installs, and manages mining rigs for clients. Moe’s Crypto provides a variety of cryptocurrency-based solutions that include blockchain app development, NFT development/project management, crypto-currency mining rig builds, installations, and onsite services.

“We build custom GPU mining rigs hosted in our managed Michigan-based facilities. From beginner to expert we are happy to help you get started with mining. Our GPU mining rigs are custom built and can mine any proof of work coin of your choice.”

While studying Computer Information Systems at Henry Ford Early College, Mohamed was a member of Dearborn High School’s First Robotics team to build robots. From there, the budding programmer developed a love for cryptocurrency and went on to pursue a Bachelor’s in Cyber Security at Eastern Michigan University.

While many people like to recant Moe’s story as a true example of the proceeds of sheer determination and drive, the 20-year-old founder, however, ascribes his huge success to the support and encouragement he received from the Dearborn community.

“Without this great community, I couldn’t have grown this business so fast and gained such a large client base.”

Together with his team of two, a marketing manager and a graphic designer in NFT custom art and custom website creation, Mohamed has successfully built rigs ranging from $10,000 to $500,000 insisting they can build much more depending on the needs of the client.

From blockchain marketing, content creation, and app development to NFT art creation, minting, and social media marketing, Moe’s Crypto delivers a comprehensive slew of quality blockchain development services that can be customized to suit client preferences and budget.

To learn more about Mohamed Jumaa or to enlist the services of Moe’s Crypto, please reach out to the company via the contact info below.

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