MJ LABOY Stand Out as a Travel Influencer Traveling the World and Discovering New Destinations 

With more than 24 countries visited, you can say that you are an expert in international travel and tourism.

The passion for traveling is what motivates MJ Laboy to share with his more than 80,000 followers on Instagram each one of his tours and travel experiences around the world, revealing the perfect live that is enjoyed in each of his trip

MJ Laboy has managed to turn his passion for traveling into a job. Traveling and getting to know the world goes hand to hand with the motivation of knowing that you will be able to t share those experiences and moments of happiness through the social network and transmit the magic of each wonderful destination.

Before pursuing his travel passion, MJ Laboy was a sport enthusiast who studied sport management with a specialization in law. He currently owns and manages several bars, restaurants and beauty salons. What he combines with his hobby of traveling the world. To date he has managed to visit each state of the united stated and 24 countries.

This passionate traveler had resided in Astoria, Queens NY. All his life until the Covid 19 pandemic hit and forced him to move and look for a new city where he would have to face lockdowns and be able to continue supporting his family, so that he has been living in Miami Florida ever since.

Inspire and discover magical places; respect the mother nature and learn to appreciate and love it. Being able to influence others and tell them where and how to travel in a safe and fun way, discovering new horizons and getting to know new cultures is what gills him with satisfaction every day. 

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