Mirchi9’s Latest Story – Telugu Trolls Threaten to Derail Film Industry

Mirchi9 is the place to go for all things Tollywood. In their latest top story, trolls are wreaking havoc on the Telugu film industry.

Telugu trolls, or those who use social media to post derogatory and inflammatory comments about others, are threatening the future of the Telugu film industry. 

Mirchi9 is the place to go for all things Tollywood. In their latest top story, trolls are wreaking havoc on the Telugu film industry.

Recently, these trolls have targeted films that were allowed ticket rate hikes despite being box office failures. 

“Jagan’s Meeting Haunting TFI”  is the latest story from Mirchi9 on this issue. 

– Pawan Kalyan’s Bheemla Nayak was granted a ticket rate hike but still did well at the box office, while films like Jaya Janaki Nayaka and Nannaku Prematho were not so lucky. 

– These trolls seem to have political motives. 

– These are the latest news stories found on Mirchi9.

Tollywood Gossips

Mirchi9’s latest gossip is that every busy actor in Tollywood has managers to look after their dates and other commitments; however, that’s not all their looking after.

Due to the fact that so many actors are busy with work, managers are taking advantage of them.

Mirchi9’s latest story talks about these managers, and states that they have become blood-sucking vampires taking too many commissions. Their demands become even more if they have busy actresses in their portfolio. 

A few have even misguided actors into doing things that do not affect them; they only benefit the managers.

Hot Topics 

There is always more gossip, another hot topic is about a specific actress breaking up with her boyfriend, a politician, and things take a sudden turn for the worse. 

This young woman’s career is now on pause. 

Producers won’t touch “her” because of what happened between the two – even though they know nothing about the matter, this man uses his political role in his personal life to destroy the poor girl’s career. Mirchi9 has more on the story.

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Final Thoughts

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The website also offers trailers and reviews so that readers can be sure they are making the best choices for their time.

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