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We’ve been talking about for a while, especially in light of recent technological advances – like artificial intelligence and robotics – and corresponding shifts in the way we do business, such as agile and other “new” enlightened approaches.

Recent changes in the workplace have sparked a lot of discussions, with varying perspectives on what this means for the future. 

Everything will never be the same again, and we’ll never return to the way things were before. We are constantly evolving in how we use technology and the ways in which we conduct business. Many changes have taken place in the wake of the global financial crisis, while the debate over the value of change itself has been raised. Look for ways to make BAU – business as usual – better, faster, and cheaper by constantly making improvements, progressing, and bringing in new products and services. 

Automation and artificial intelligence (AI) present numerous opportunities in the fields of IT support, service management, and service delivery (Artificial Intelligence). There is no such thing as “real” intelligence, like that of our own brains, when we talk about artificial intelligence (AI). Even though technology can do some things better than we can, the majority of our intelligence will still be a long time away from being able to mimic. Removing tedious, error-prone, and unappreciated tasks from human delivery is a great way to free up workers to focus on more creative and interesting work. 

Rather than simply allowing people to work from home or from a remote location, we should consider these new developments as paradigm-shifting opportunities for AI development. 

We can unlock a whole new world of work with automation and AI. There are seven guiding principles in ITIL4, and one is called “Optimize and Automate.” This principle states that automation should be used whenever possible to help with optimization and the CSI process. Want to experience the power of ITSM with a trial. Claim your 14-day free trial version here! 

What areas of IT could service delivery benefit from the use of AI? 

Opportunities for AI and automation.

Here are a few ITSM areas in which AI can add value: AI in ITSM

1. Management of Information and Expertise 

AI can use machine learning and natural language processing to find patterns in unstructured data, which can then be used to automatically generate knowledge articles for IT staff or for customers to use in self-service modes of interaction.

2. Customers can get help at the Customer Service Center. 

Automated responses and interactions, such as problem-solving and triage, can be provided by an AI system using natural language processing. As a result, it can be a cost-effective and time-saving method of handling standard transactions.

3. AI in the management of incidents 

Artificial intelligence (AI) can be used in a variety of ways to streamline the triage process. With the help of pattern recognition, AI can identify recurrent problems or major incidents before anyone else does. In large organizations, AI can be used to optimize teams and shifts in order to provide flexible support for the organization’s employees.

4. Order Processing and Fulfillment 

Password resets, software distribution, and simple configuration changes can all be handled by AI at all hours of the day and night. Automation of workflow, approvals, and a wide range of requests are all aided by artificial intelligence.

5. Identifying and Resolving Issues 

Machine learning and data analysis allow AI to analyze patterns, identify and categorize future issues, and automatically escalate issues and alerts to people. Automated fixes and workarounds can be applied by AI systems as an impact and dependency analysis across systems.

6. Data analysis and reporting 

To improve management decision-making, organizations can use predictive analytics, which includes data modeling and machine learning. The application of intelligent analytics to all support channels aids in the advancement of a comprehensive strategy for service enhancement. 

The Challenges of AI and automation

In the first place, be crystal clear about your automation objectives and expected outcomes. While automation has the potential to bring many advantages, these benefits may not materialize if you are unclear about your goals. It’s critical to set clear objectives for how automation will benefit your business and software operations.

Even before making a major service change, it’s important to communicate and consult with your customers/users. You’ll need a support group on hand in case things go south quickly. For this to be successful, it must first be advertised. When it comes to testing, don’t take any shortcuts.

There should be thorough planning for the accuracy and relevance of any data or processes that will be automated as well as for their readiness. Automating faulty processes or incorrect systems is a waste of time. 

People need to be confident that technology is not going to replace them, and this is where organizational change management comes into play to help them. Furthermore, they must learn new skills in the field of AI. Decision-makers in companies need to understand the benefits of AI and the costs, both monetary and human resources, that go along with implementing it. 

To summarise, use to experience truly effective CSI by optimizing and automating what we do to the greatest extent possible. Recently, we’ve seen how quickly the world can change, and it’s not an option to stay the same. We can’t compete and adapt to future change effectively and efficiently if we resist automation and see the world through a minimal lens.

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