Miracle? Pismo Resident’s Cancer Shrinks With Concentrated Alkaline Thanks to 91 Year Old Santa Maria Man Al Siamon

A Pismo resident was given two years to live because of Stage Four Lung Cancer that the doctor said was incurable. However, in an incredible turn of events, the man’s tumor has shrunk to almost nothing after just three weeks of drinking concentrated alkaline. The man, whose name is Shannon Short, says that he owes his life to concentrate alkaline and is urging others with cancer to give it a try. While doctors are still unsure how or why the tumor has shrunk so rapidly, they are amazed at the results.

Originally from Greenville north of Sacramento but a resident of Pismo for over fifteen years, the 59-year-old man was only given months to live because of stage four lung cancer. Shannon knew that having to go through chemo was unavoidable and thought his life was down to months because every nine days, he had to go in for a procedure that withdraws one liter and a half of fluid out of his lungs so he could breathe. Tired of Chemo, the side effects, not eating, and feeling like death was right around the corner, he started to research. During his search, he ran into a man named Al Siamon who discovered concentrated alkaline years ago and had huge success with it. Al, a Santa Maria resident, has been drinking concentrated Alkaline for years. 

Shannon started drinking it at the end of December while on chemotherapy. Now, after six weeks of taking concentrated alkaline, he no longer has to go in to drain the fluid from his lungs. He has also gained seven pounds and does not have any side effects with chemotherapy, and the best part is– after six weeks of drinking it, one of the tumors on his lungs has shrunk to the size of a pin mark and the other has greatly reduced.

Shannon had this to say, “When I was handed Balance7 alkaline and told to start drinking this stuff, I remember thinking ‘the hell with it, I have nothing to lose.’ I was going in every 9 days to get my lungs suctioned out because they filled with fluid. Since December, I’ve had no side effects, I’m no longer drowning in fluid, I feel good, I have energy, I have an appetite, and now I’m a true believer that we have underestimated the power of concentrated alkaline.”

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