Mike Tyson Cares & We 2 Matter Sponsored a Fundraiser to Empower Wrongfully Convicted, Currently and Formerly Incarcerated Women

Funds go towards empowering these women with resources to obtain housing, education, career opportunities, counseling programs, etc.

The event hosted by Mike Tyson on Thursday, June 9th, 2022 in Calabasas, CA included a live auction and fundraiser for his mother, Dr. Rita Ali’s non-profit organization We 2 Matter. The fundraiser enhanced We 2 Matter’s efforts to advance its ongoing mission of supporting wrongfully convicted, currently incarcerated, and formerly incarcerated women to reenter society by providing resources.

Guests enjoyed a star-studded night, signature cocktails, entertainment, and an incredible buffet feast. Artists & Athletes Alliance, Dream Corps, celebrities such as Bobby Brown, Aloe Blacc, Kurtis Blow, Bryce Hall, DJ Whoo Kid, Melyssa Ford, Russel Peters, Thane “Thaneos” Wadams, Dewey Cooper, and powerful leaders in justice reform such as Topeka Sam were in attendance. A live and silent auction was held which included one-of-a-kind art pieces, giveaways from the organization’s sponsors, private interviews, and signings of Dr. Ali’s book, “Triple Jeopardy.” 

In discussing the long-lasting impact incarceration has on women, Dr. Ali said, “Having a criminal record is a life sentence in this country, and it should not be”. It is part of We 2 Matter’s mission to not only reform the criminal justice system, but also to help restore women to living productive lives.

Mike Tyson’s Mike Tyson Cares and We 2 Matter partnered together for this impactful cause.

About We 2 Matter

We 2 Matter’s objective is to implement strategies to provide resources for ex-offenders to obtain economic stability with a primary focus on women; and to offer social services for family members, particularly children in need of individual and/or family counseling. We 2 Matter was incorporated and conceptualized as a collaborative effort of primarily family members to use their professional credentials in assisting individuals with felony records to reenter society, secure gainful employment, obtain suitable housing, and achieve quality lives.     

Instagram: @we2matter

Media Contact
Company Name: We 2 Matter Nonprofit 501(c)(3)
Contact Person: Founder & Leader Dr. Rita Ali
Email: Send Email
Phone: (844) 399-5118
Country: United States
Website: we2matter.org

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