Mike Leffingwell Acknowledges the Feat Achieved by Gene Simmons of Kiss

Leading Nashville promoter, MIKE LEFFINGWELL (Axle), appreciates the efforts of Gene Simmons, a Rock & Roll icon in music promotion stating that every up and coming artist would succeed if they emulate him

MIKE LEFFINGWELL has practically delivered what can be described as the “advice of the year” to up and coming artists not only in Nashville but across the globe, highlighting the achievements of GENE SIMMONS of Kiss and the feats achieved promoting events even before their date. According to Mike, “if all up and coming artists would do what GENE SIMMONS of kiss would do they might succeed.”

The music world can sometimes be very competitive and the industry has undoubtedly witnessed a series of evolution over the years, especially with struggling up and coming acts looking to break into the limelight. However, some names have been able to make the best use of the available resources as demonstrated by the likes of GENE SIMMONS as well as the achievements of MIKE LEFFINGWELL as a music promoter.

MIKE LEFFINGWELL says that most of the up and coming artists are not only confused but often fail to prioritize their engagement, especially on social media and to leverage their online presence to market their brand. The Nashville promoter is of the opinion that artists should pay more attention to learning the business side of music, as opposed to just posting on social media after events, citing the example of the legendary GENE SIMMONS and how he promoted events even ahead of time.

MIKE LEFFINGWELL has grown to become one of the top independent promoters of Nashville and LA, working with rock stars and country stars while making his position clear at every opportunity. According to him, there is more to succeeding as an artist than just knowing how to sing and play a guitar, as they need to draw attention of their fans to shows even before the date, letting them know details, such as time, date, venue, and how to get tickets to the event.

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