Migraine Market Insights, Epidemiology, and Market Forecast-2032

The Migraine market report provides an edge while developing business strategies, by understanding trends shaping and driving the global migraine market. A detailed review of the historical and forecasted migraine market is included in the report, covering drug outreach in the 7MM.


Migraine Overview

Migraine is a neurological disorder, which involves nerve pathways and brain chemicals. It is an uncertainty in the way the brain deals with incoming sensory information, and that uncertainty can be influenced by physiological changes like sleep, exercise, and hunger and is one of the most common and most prevalent neurological diseases with extremely incapacitating neurological symptoms.


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Some of the key highlights of the Migraine Market Report

The World Health Organization’s disability rating for migraine ranks it as the 19th most common reason for disability.
According to the Migraine Trust Organization, it is ranked globally as the 7th most disabling disease among all diseases (responsible for 2.9% of all years of life lost to disability/YLDs) and the leading cause of disability among all neurological disorders.
According to the Migraine Research Foundation, it is an extraordinarily prevalent neurological disease. About 39 million people in the US and 1 billion people all over the globe are affected by migraine.
According to the Migraine Research Foundation, healthcare and lost productivity costs associated with migraine are estimated to be as high as USD 36 billion annually in the US.


Migraine Epidemiology Segmentation in the 7MM (2019-2032)

Total Prevalent cases
Type Specific cases
Diagnosed and Treatable cases


Migraine Treatment

Treatment can be acute or preventive. Acute treatment is initiated during an attack to alleviate pain and disability and to stop the progression of the attack. Preventive treatment is used when there exists a known headache trigger, such as exercise or sexual activity, and for patients who have limited time exposure to a trigger, such as high-altitude ascent or menstruation. Preventive treatment is maintained for months or even years to reduce the frequency, severity, and duration of attacks. Patients taking preventive medications may also use acute and preventive medications.


Migraine Market Outlook

There has been a significant advancement in the understanding of the migraine pathophysiology, which has led to the improved characterization and diagnosis of the clinical features. For treatment to be effective, the correct diagnosis must be made followed by a choice of treatment, taking into account the severity and frequency of attacks, other symptoms, patient preference, history of treatment, and comorbid conditions.


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Global Migraine Market

The global migraine market is expected to grow in the future due to the increasing female population and the rise in the prevalence of migraine. Organizations like the American Headache and Migraine Association are taking initiatives to spread awareness, and also various emerging treatments will undoubtedly boost the growth of the global migraine drug market in the forecast period.


Migraine Emerging Drugs Analysis

The migraine field has recently been experiencing an explosion of novel, specifically-designed acute, and preventive treatments, reflecting advances in the understanding of this disorder and better acknowledgement of its detrimental global impact on sufferers’ quality of lives. The most promising novel treatments are targeting the Calcitonin-Gene-Related Peptide (CGRP) receptor and the 5 hydroxytryptamines (5-HT) 1F receptors, which are known as the putative migraine pathophysiological mechanisms.


List of the Migraine Companies includes-

Amgen and Novartis
Impel NeuroPharma
Axsome Therapeutics
Zosano Pharma, and others


List of the Migraine Therapies includes-

Aimvoig (erenumab)
RELPAX (eletriptan hydrobromide)
M207, and others


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Table of content

1. Key Insights

2. Executive Summary of Migraine

3. Competitive Intelligence Analysis for Migraine

4. Migraine: Market Overview at a Glance

5. Migraine: Disease Background and Overview

6. Patient Journey

7. Migraine Epidemiology and Patient Population

8. Treatment Algorithm, Current Treatment, and Medical Practices

9. Migraine Unmet Needs

10. Key Endpoints of Migraine Treatment

11. Migraine Marketed Products

12. Migraine Emerging Therapies

13. Migraine: Seven Major Market Analysis

14. Attribute analysis

15. 7MM: Market Outlook

16. Access and Reimbursement Overview of Migraine

17. KOL Views

18. Market Drivers

19. Market Barriers

20. Appendix

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22. Disclaimer

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