Dubai, UAE – 18 March, 2022 – Decentralized world-building platform Microverse has announced the launch of a brand-new initiative known as MicroUnion, which aims to invite leading companies into the metaverse sector for the joint development of the MicroWorld platform. 

The metaverse is a growing sector with a trillion-dollar potential, and it is part of the next iteration of the internet known as Web 3.0. Experts foresee that within the next few years, we will all experience radical changes in the way we work, play, socialize, and invest online. Perhaps businessmen will attend professional work events in a virtual Hilton hotel, or fashion influencers shopping for new designer goods for their digital avatar in-world. 

Through the MicroUnion initiative, Microverse aims to make the vision above a reality, partnering with renowned retail brands and established companies to carve out new possibilities within MicroWorld. These companies, in turn, will get the chance to target a new user base that is receptive to new technologies, enabling new revenue streams and marketing opportunities. 

Ryan, the CEO of Microverse shared that: “New technologies, including computational resources, hardware, payment tools, new technologies and more will be required to support the metaverse’s functionality. It is not feasible to go about this alone; instead, we welcome global brands and international companies to join us so we can pool together our knowledge, skills, and resources to build a digital utopia. I believe that we are greater than the sum of our parts, and by sharing our expertise, form meaningful connections and partnerships that can make a difference for humanity.” 

In addition, Ryan also hinted at a MicroUnion 2.0, which will be implemented once the development of MicroWorld has expanded to a certain scale. In this new phase, companies will be able to create their very own lands within the metaverse, forming a distinct entity with new economic systems and policies. 

The first partnership that Microverse has formed through the MicroUnion initiative is with DragonFi, a leading expert in the field of virtual entertainment. The company is also known for its endeavour in the GameFi sector by virtue of its DragonFi business academy, with thousands of students from over 9 different countries. Through this partnership, DragonFi will handle the organization of all virtual events within MicroWorld, such as online concerts, corporate events, educational activities, virtual exhibitions, and more. 

Creating a collaborative environment takes time and effort, and Microverse is determined to attract the best companies to step out of their comfort zone and explore a whole new market. We are at the brink of something incredible, and Microverse wants to position itself as the gatekeeper of success.  

About Microverse 

Microverse is a decentralized world-building platform that allows users to build, play and engage in a vast world with endless opportunities to create captivating experiences. Built with the latest blockchain and VR technologies, combined with the innovative concepts of DeFi, NFTs, and GameFi, there are countless possibilities and outcomes to be harnessed within the world. Users will have full reign to explore this extended reality space, and they can enjoy exciting game mechanics, social networking activities, and a wide array of products and services that promises to deliver a fun and dynamic journey.




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