MetaGods Impresses TradFi Investors With LAND Sale Success

MetaGods, a project pioneering the concept of SocialFi in the metaverse is currently celebrating the success of its recent LAND sale. The sale has been conducted for both a public and a private round, each being widely successful with 85% of all LAND plots bought by blockchain investors, institutions, and gamers alike.

An important feature of this sale has been the wide participation of professional investors. Among those who participated in the private round are several big traditional financial entities and investment family offices, who will undoubtedly help establish the influence of MetaGods in industries beyond the crypto world.

This exclusive group of TradFi backers has promised to hold the LAND for at least 3 years, supporting the project and its large community of β€œMetaHeroes”.Β 

The Role of LAND in MetaGods

At the moment, 15% of the MetaGods LANDs remain up for sale. Only 10 plots can be purchased for 4000 MGOD or 5BNB each day. As the supply is reduced, the value of these resources will only increase over time. All the LAND on which the MetaGods world is being built on is up for sale.Β 

Effectively, this means that the project will gradually be community-owned over time. These plots of LAND give the owner access to resources, economic buildings, NFT upgrades, and the ground for guilds to create their own territory to expand their power and reach in the MetaGods world.Β Β 

Additionally, owners of these LANDs can tweak certain parameters. They have an amount of control over the dungeons and bosses that can attract more players to these locations. Finally, all the loot lost by players in these dungeons are accumulated by the owners of the LAND.Β 

Those who acquire the LAND first have the right to build these dungeons ahead of the competition. In this way, the owners become managers of the reading locations and are able to get the benefits from all the players entering the areas.Β 

As only 15% of the LAND remains up for grabs, the ongoing competition for this limited resource is particularly fierce. Now, with the additional support of investors from mainstream markets, MetaGods can look forward to strengthening their position in the play-to-earn sector in no time.






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